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Hardship can be seen on the faces of many people you encounter on each journey you may take today. There's always a back story of how hard someone had it, and they only feel comfortable telling others that are in the same position as them. They complain for the sake of gaining some understanding, but its not enough for change.

Submitted: April 12, 2017

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Submitted: April 12, 2017



Everyone is holding back feelings from those we fear might not want to hear them because we fear their opinion as if it would even matter at the end of the conversation. If what you are feeling is truely sincere then there would be no room for the fear of critism from the wrong you've recognized in any situation. If the thought of a bad opinion comes to mind when addressing the matter at hand there will never be peace. Society as you know is very "trendy", so today most people are very sensitive to hearing the truth in every matter that has ever come about. However, i now look at those who sit and watch the sensitive ones gain control over these issues and keep people blinded from the reality of each matter. Those that continue to let the sensitivity take over are cowards without voices.

Those people that have voices today are not attempting to stop the real issues at hand. They would rather fuss about ball games, get rich quick schemes, and living on pipe dreams. No one wants to promote actual freedom, morality, or even reality itself. People have sacrificed something much more powerful than a pen and paper. They've given up their voice which can change any matter for the better. We let t.v, radio stations, and social media incorperate the idea of broken lives in our minds creating such issues. Looking around at 99% of people's encounters are like watching kids yelling over objects that mean nothing at the end of the day. There's too much silence from geniuses with good enough sense to know this isn't living.

We can wake up any morning with the gained conscious to make a change in ourselves by seeing through all the crap we've been fed as the lies have clouded our heads for too long that it was time to pause, and recognize we've been wrong about what success really should be associated with today. I could wake up any morning to say ( "college is a scam, money is for jackasses without a mind of their own, your threats of Jesus and hell mean nothing to me, your diet plans are worthless here in America, Continue to starve yourself for whatever favor is worth your life, Do go on to kiss the ass of preacher/pope you love so dearly even through all the rediculous abominations they've committed, Call the one who brought you into this world the most terrible words to make them feel less of a person suchas Bitch and Hoe, Support your murderers for this thing you call freedom, Go ahead and move to another country as if that is going to be the answer to any problem where the culture has been raped and disgusted by the ones playing with us like pawns and puppets" ) HOWEVER, the people around you are so caught up in their own bull that they will turn into Mr. Smith from the Matrix bashing you for thinking such brilliant things, but to them this is blasphemy.

A lot of people will doubt my word because I do not associate myself with their faith, sexuality, nor belief in an imaginary figure in the sky supposedly watching our every move waiting on me to "mess up" in order to make me suffer for something i dearly need. Too caught up in their ways they will allow theirselves to become accustomed to the same rituals that has enslaved 99% of the world today with bad thoughts of punishment awaiting them. The envy i see in the eyes of those who do not agree with facts, but would rather rely on pipe dreams. I believe in our Universe responding to energy, the more positive your energy the more likely you are to attract that which is of the same energy towards you. The dark energy thugs, scammers, and dictators share will only attract that which means nothing from a realistic point of view which may be money, blood, and leadership (title). All of which may mean very much to a jackass without a healthy conscious at all to see through these factors and really overcome these obstacles with their own brain power. The mind is a terrible thing to waste as even the thought can lead a person to a mental hell of feeling broken when these things do not come in abundance to him/her. Forget not the knowledge I've brought to you, but forget the lies you've grown up on in these currupted societies all over the world in the Americas, Europe, and the African countries lost to what seems like "white control" from a simple man's point of view, but they are really the same people who have stirred up the same trouble with the banks, governments, religions, and wars over resources.

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