Au Revoir

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The painful "Goodbye" is the one which is never said and never explained.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



As days and nights wane, memories seem invincible. Do you remember me?

I could still cast my mind back to the dusk which has left behind an indelible pain of seclusion with me.

As I saw the gust of wind rendezvous with that spine chilling dusk through my pane, you came falling slowly and deliberately into my life.

 In the wink of an eye you down poured, in crazy chaotic drops, pitter pattering heavily on my pellucid heart.

You washed the gloom away and brightened up the shriveled blossoms by my jamb.

Little did you know, that you flabbergasted the “stock-still” me with the beatific endearment you manifested to the sore sight of my familiar groove.

The happiness you splashed though the puddles and showered on my frames, endlessly lingers in my mind.

My sanguine expectations couldn’t thwart the impediment to the hurtling goodwill, you flurried around me.

I never knew that your stinted presence would provoke such an incessant longing, later.

Those forlorn moments of our togetherness and amity, keeps replenishing the voids in me over and over again.

Oh my,if you could show up again, I wish I could treasure the warmth of your summer showers, forever in my heart.

For you are the one friend I miss the most.


Au Revoir!



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