Quiet Hannah

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A quiet child has an unusual day at school with the help of her supply teacher.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



 Miss Mann meets...Quiet Hannah


Hannah arrived at school just as Miss Mann the supply teacher was taking the register. She hugged her mum goodbye and waved sadly to her baby sister.

When they had gone Hannah remained standing at the edge of the carpet looking tearful, "come and sit down" said Miss Mann "come and sit down" said Miss Thomas.

During morning break all the other children played football, hula hooped and sang songs, everyone except Hannah. Instead, she sat quietly on the bench, watching her classmates having fun. Occasionally one of the other girls would invite Hannah to join them but she would smile shyly and shake her head no.

Hannah didn't like to talk.

Miss Mann observing Hannah in the playground, murmured to herself "today is the day, things are going to change!".

After breaktime, Miss Mann called Hannah "can you come here with your reading book please" Hannah collected her book from her tray and followed Miss Mann outside to the play area.

Just as Hannah was about to sit down, Miss Mann realised she had forgotten something "Hannah be a dear and get me my reading glasses I've left them in my bag" she asked cheerfully. Hannah nodded her head, rushed back to class and saw Miss Mann's bag on the computer chair.

Hannah carefully unlocked and lifted the flap but before she could reach inside, a tiny coloured, ball plopped out making a high pitched noise as it bounced to the floor....Wheee.

Hannah quickly put it back but then two more fell out Wheee Wheee. Her eyes darted to the table nearest to her but the children there didn't seem to notice, she sighed. 

Then suddenly, the squeaky sound grew louder and louder as more followed. Hannah's bunches  unravel as she crawled across the floor collecting the balls "oh no oh no oh noooo.....what am I going to do!" she cried.

The children nearby bend down to help, Hannah mouths 'thanks', then with arms outstretched tries to catch the others that have boomeranged off the ceiling.

Wheee Wheee Wheee Wheee Wheee she jumped up as they whizz dangerously past her head.

Hannah scurried to the corners of the classroom picking up the rest and when she thought she had scooped them all up.......even more stream out like a never ending flood. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

'Til the entire floor is covered in a blanket of bouncy balls.

Hannah took a step back, eyes wide, and saucerlike and then something really strange happened. Hannah bellowed at the top of her voice "CAN I GET SOME HELP OVER HERE PLEASE!! " her face pinkish red from exhaustion.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared, including Miss Thomas ( who was trimming paper) her mouth ajar.

Miss Mann watching everything from outside decided to come back in " well then, you heard Hannah let's give her a hand and tidy up". At once the whole class began putting the room in order.

She went on "since you have all done such a good job as a treat we're going to watch a cartoon during fruit time" "yesss!" said the children.

Miss Mann took Hannah to one side and said "I knew you had a big voice, go and get a piece of fruit". Hannah grinned and replied clearly "Ok Miss"  skipping back to her seat.

After the children had left, Miss Thomas shared her secret stash of chocolate with Miss Mann "well that was an eventful day" Miss Thomas said in between bites. " I guess it was"  remarked Miss Mann with a gentle tap of her bag.


The End

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