Egg Hunt

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How come Hex doesn't have to wear the ears?

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Egg Hunt.


I see they got you good, Moss! Merlin!” Hex grinned as her two friends approached, looking both down at heel and shame-faced simultaneously.


Yep. Every single year one or other of them catches us out, don’t they Moss!”


That they do, Merlin. Every year!”


The two sheepdogs looked towards their companion. Unlike them, she was all white, and also unlike them, she had no rabbit ears attached to her head. She did have a basket though, placed carefully by her front paws.


How do you get away with it, Hex?”


Yeah. Tell, us your secret, girl.”


Well, I don’t know that I should really, guys. You have to be really careful and stay in full control to pull it off.” Hex looked from Moss to Merlin and back again. Both dogs were wagging their tails.


Come on, Hex! It might be a bit late for this year but that means we’ve got a whole twelve months to practice in.”


Okay, okay! If you insist.” Hex made herself comfortable, tried to make herself look serious. “It all comes down to showing your ‘Inner Wolf.’ When you see those ears approaching summon up a bit of a growl. Show a tooth or two. And don’t forget to let your hackles rise! It shows you are not just being playful.”


You do that?” Moss was incredulous.


I don’t know that I’d dare. Calling up the ‘Inner Wolf’......that can be risky!” Merlin looked a cross between impressed and shocked.


Well, you asked so I told you,” Hex nosed at the basket. “Anyway, are you two up for a bit of revenge. They’ve all been hidden and I know exactly where to look.”


You bet!” panted Moss.


An egg hunt?” Merlin drooled at the mere thought. “Lead on, Hex. We’re right behind you!”


Yeah!” said Hex, confidently trotting towards the first bush, basket firmly held between her jaws.

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