Reunion For Bob!

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Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Baghdad Bob was feeling a little low,

ever since his boss, Saddam, was told to go


How he missed telling whoppers to the press,

and getting them so confused, they could only guess


at what the hell he meant, that is, until now

he'd found his long-lost twin, Sean, and oh how


that man could lie with a straight face, and spin

bullshit into gold, and fabricate a false truth out of thin


air. He could tie his own brain into knots of steel,

tying to explain away another outlandish deal


his boss ordered him to sell as stone fact

no matter how ludicrous, or if facts he lacked


At first, even Bob felt sorry for this puppet-voice,

defending the indefensible, until he remembered that he had a choice,


he had an option, all he had to do was quit,

and just say no to spreading his fertilizer shit,


but it was obvious, that like him, Sean had no balls.

He'd ride the rapids of lies, and go over the falls!

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