Living In Resent

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taken from my book, "Breaking Thru The Thought Barrier"

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Living In Resent


My soul is on fire

Can you see me burning

__as I peddle down the street?

The world doesn't know what it's done to me

It's cut me to many pieces

And drained the luck out of me

"How can I live?"

"Why ain't I dead?"

"Who in the Hell knows

__what is wrong with what I said?"

Just wanna kill

Everything and  every one

One by one

And watch as the world dies

I don't know why

So don't ask me

Just let me live further

__and further

____away from you

See if I survive the suicidal isolation

"When there's no one around

__to keep my spirits up

How can I give a fuck?"

I shatter in the cold

Never felt this old

Picking up the pieces of myself

__is impossible

So never get started

When the fuel to fire up my energy

__is nothing but dead

Watch as thr world blows up

From Russia's bombs

And the world disappears from existence

Because that's where the world is heading

If you don't believe me

Maybe I'm wrong

But if I'm not

"So long, cruel cruel world!"

If I really am wrong

__it doesn't really matter

We'll all still be here

__fighting for food scraps

And people will die

__the way they normally do

And I'll walk thee Earth

__feeling dead to my core

Wondering why I can't even fuck a whore

But am still able to suffer

__being destructed by ev'ry one

I crumple in the side pockets of sound

Watch the plummeting of my heart

__drain me of my energy

____as the life is sucked out of me

When I don't remember to forget

I'll just have a bunch of words

__crowding my head

If you want to know

__what those words are

____then, don't ask me

Because I have no idea, myself

Yet, I know the are bad bad words

Forming dirty, rottin' sentences

Made into paragraphs

__and then pages

____and finally, books

The world of splitting hairs

__has just begun

So don't ask me when the time has come

Just listen to the mad laughter

__coming out of my mouth

And feel free to join the madness

If you want

Or watch as I kill you all

It doesn't matter

The feathers that are thrown around

Like beach balls

Don't sem to land bouncefully

__it's true

But when you look thru the wastelands

Where the living don't care to tread

Bewhere of Chloey, the cat

Because she is back

And ready to m'yow

The tither



______that anything good

________can come out of anything I say

__________bewilders me

But just watch as the pools of blood

__flood this planet

____and sends us all to Hell

______in high waters

And if you think it's pointless

__to laugh at yourself

Watch as I laugh at myself

__and see how much use I find for it all



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2018 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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