Porcelain Doll

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My friend kept telling me he could fix certain things about me such as my walk and writing and other things that i did not want fixed. It angered me.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Porcelain Doll


We can fix that…


The way you talk is to bouncy

The way you talk is to weird

The way you write it to sloppy and curvy

No problem, we can fix that


Fix that? Am I broken?

Broken? Am I human?

Human? More like a doll.

A broken porcelain doll… we can fix that.


I am not human?

Just a doll in need of corrections

Fix her hair, fix her bow, fix her

Oh look a crack… we can fix that


Well maybe I don't want to be fixed

Maybe i want to stay broken

Being broken is what makes me me

If you don't like me then find another doll to fix


Go and find another doll to polish,

To fix every crack...

To perfect...

For those around, for you to be pleased with.


We can fix THAT…

That as in me

As in my features

As in what is a part of me


We can fix that

It alright you will be good as new

Your walk will be smooth

Your handwriting will be neat and straight


No worries we can fix that

You poor porcelain doll

Don't move you might fall apart

Don't say anything you might shatter and break more

I will say this once


You fix me once

i will just come back broken all tattered and pieces


The more you try the more broken i become

The more easy it is to shatter my poor heart

More easily will it become for this doll to cry

For the tears to no longer be shy


We can fix that

You can't fix that

You can't fix the broken porcelain doll

You can't fix ME


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