Isn't Love

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This is my first poem I've always wanted to start writing but I didn't know how to begin. One day I just felt it.
This is my (parents) history.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



I don't  know anything about love, I mean I love a few people and they love me back I hope.  But I'm talking about romantic love the kind of love that keeps you up all night. Anyway I've only had one boyfriend in my entire life and we're so young and we didn't know anything about life and…I still don't. 
So even when I have no idea of what love means I'm absolutely sure of what love doesn't mean.

Love isn't about belonging to someone or claim it about it like a property you're about to lose because in that exact moment you've had already lost everything.

Love isn't adored the other person so hard and so deep that you get lost in the way.

Love isn't stalked you on Facebook and hurt myself everytime I see a selfie or a picture of you…with someone else.

Love isn't waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for life to cross our ways so that we can be together again.

Love isn't blamed you for all the things I couldn't do because I didn't know because I wasn't ready.

Love isn't found another person just because of I'm afraid to be by myself hoping that he will act the way you used to and I want him to.

Love isn't screaming at you or threaten you or forbidden you to be happy even when is not by my side.

Love isn't keeping in touch every lost anniversary just to remind how many years we've been apart.

Love isn't remembering the things we did together and laugh at them like they were a bad joke of destiny.

Love isn't pictured my future with you after so many years, so many histories, so many pain.

I have no idea of what love means, but I'm absolutely sure that there will be a way for me to discover it and learn from it, from scratch. Because from all the things I know love is not, I'm absolutely sure that love isn't being afraid to try to write my own history, try to find my own love.  


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