who am i?

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when you feel down, it can be hard to be able to get into that high-spirited self again.
especially when your atmosphere around you isn't exactly motivating you to push yourself towards any of your main goals and targets in life.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



People always say that I’m broken

They always try to fix me

But have they ever realised

Maybe i don’t want to be fixed

Maybe I want to stay as broken as they say

Because I know that one day that one person

Will come and won’t even have to try to fix me

Because all it took was just a step into my chapter

For you to notice me the only problem that I face every

Day is that you might judge me on that chapter you just

Walked in on. You don’t know the full story. I want to tell

You my story from the beginning but is it okay if I asked to

Post phone it for a while. See I what I keep finding myself

Doing is writing a message of all things I want out in the

Open , but then it only takes a couple of seconds before the

Screen ends up looking like a blank sheet once again.

The letters begin to float around and jumble until they

Spell out the word confusion and misunderstood

In my head I still hear the voices even now, saying

the opposite ,I feel as though I’m contradicting myself.


who am i other than a person who's voice begins to sound like everyone elses

excpet i'm not like everyone else because i feel like i'm in a crowd and each time i crawl myslef out of that dark hole i get pushed back in . and the crowd staarts surround you tightly, their clothing so suffocating you could die.

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