The sadness

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This story follows the life of girl with many struggles as she fights the pains of life and staying strong throughout it

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Hello everyone this is my first story and its based on true story hope you enjoy !



Once upon a time there was a girl who struggled all her life and lost herself years years ago, like completely lost her soul, heart, faith, hope and her happiness like an unknown person who's unknown what happened to her and her life.

If you've seen her and have known her as before , would you still recognize her after she changed ?, Off course no , for someone who've changed completely with no reason you'll say what's wrong with her?

her life looks like crap and a mess or maybe you'll say wow she's so beautiful I wonder how she's living, how is her life ?

people envy without knowing anything what they see is just a view.

deep inside that poor girl god knows how she's feeling ,she became so sad , tired and depressed because of  her mess and horrible life , it was too much to handle.

she couldn't do anything about it but at least she tried to forget and move on ,she struggled and fought a lot but she couldn't survive.

how sad can you get when you imagine that you've lost yourself  completely,  lost to the point where it feels like your living with no you inside, dead inside.

" in my opinion I know you can't forget or move on what you have been through ,it will always be a memory in the past or in the present no matter how many years ago you'll not forget I know that feeling I won't say aww that happen long time ago and hearts heal by time,  but no some people just can't forget because when that day comes you maybe were so young , you Can say maybe you were depressed or currently happy back then I'm surely no one will deny cause no one can forget that there are hard and sad moments in life so I don't blame the girl at all she couldn't save herself from her life".

a broken heart with an empty soul isn't that so sad , She hated herself but kept reminding herself that she is not worthless but the truth is she can't help but think she is ,she's just pathetic ,useless and  a coward , the girl didn't have the courage to face herself or anybody else she couldn't admit that she's sad and had a rubbish , hurtful past she handled too much, ignored too much ,tried too much, but she needed to forget she needed help people!

Why ? You'll say why this all....

Why this depression? Why this stress ? Why she's lonely ? Why she's sad ? What happened ? Who ruined her ? I know you people will ask this questions . From up to here nothing is clear ......


From the beginning

The first 1 years after she was born her parents left her . The parents had a divorce so non of them took responsible of her like what is going to happen to her she's so young .

Her mother brought a nursemaid  to take care of her daughter for the first 11 years " what a maid " thank to her the girl was raised by her , no father no mother they are the worst parents in this entire world.

After 11 years she when she turned 11 years  old. The nursemaid decided to go back to her country , it's the time to for the nursemaid who treat the girl like her daughter to leave , even the nursemaid was the one who breast fed the girl her not her mother .

That day when it was the time for the nursemaid to leave  the girl cried so much,  She thought who will take care of her ? Who will look after her ? . She's a good maid you'll never see nowadays someone like her.

This little girl have 1 big sister and 3 older brothers they took care of there youngest sister with no worries.

the Father of the  family didn't like his children , the father kept on shouting at them and embarrassing them daily, he  let them work for there services whenever he says or orders something they have to do it.

The family of the father is a very big family of rich people but they have black hearts inside of them with no mercy , they actually don't feel bad towards them ...

Relationships in this  family:- 

The three brothers are good sometimes but sometimes they hurt their youngest sister especially the older sister she just always shouts at her and she always beats her , Her sister is little bit crazy she get mad ,upset,angry with for no reason for years and years

When things did get tense or volatile in her household, she felt overwhelmed with the intensity of the negative emotions whirling around her .It made her extremely anxious, and if she couldn't do anything to make things right again, she'll find a way to escape 

Poor girl she didn't deserve this horrible family and all this struggle she's having ....

After this years went threw like totally hell  this girl start losing herself she felt lonely depressed no one could understand her no one can feel her pain she just kept it all inside in her heart for years till she completely lose herself

She was highly sensitive person and more sensitive than most of her friends to medication, caffeine, crowded and noisy environments, and making life changes. And her intense feelings around conflict, arguing, and violence never abated.

Her father talk the social workers in the school she's going. to help her ! she needed help but no one understands her

Everybody blame her from failing in school . Shout at her beat her maybe she'll study . Do you think that's the way to convince a child to do anything with shout and beat ?

That girl grow up with horrible past and painful struggle

Nothing makes her happy anymore She loosed hope She lose faith And everything Like an empty soul

She's having a nervous system that sometimes she feels so frazzled that she just have to go off by herself

She's just lonely

She's just waiting for problems and more struggles she knows she will never live in peace like everybody else

Till this day she's struggling and believe me she's having daily problems cause also now she's living with her mother

Daily problems Daily sadness

Nobody wants her to be happy

That girl had so much relationships and some kept hurting her but some didn't but nobody have ever understand it, nobody knows

In every relationship she must ; Care Love Understand Everybody wants her time I don't know if the girl have to cut herself into two

They give for return ; She's not good She don't treat good She doesn't care enough Doesn't Love enough She's cheating She's horrible She's ugly She's a bitch She's pathetic It been all her fault Blame her She's selfish She's bad person

If any of that tension or anger were specifically directed at her, she was quick to change her behavior or apologize in order to regain emotional equilibrium. She got her feelings hurt easily and was thrown off-balance when someone would say something biting to her.

Please give her a break just feel she's trying all her best she's struggling She's tired and handle too much . Have some manner She's just a human like every person in this world

Her family problem never ends School problems never ends Relationship problems never ends Life problems never ends.

She take responsibility of herself since she was young till now

She need help !

She tried killing herself multiple times, I don't blame her if I was her I would have ended my life long time ago .

She's pretending nothing happen , she faking a smile .

All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hidden injured soul and no Nobody will notice how broken she is

Every since she was a little it is always her dream to have someone who would treat her just right with loving best friends for the rest of her life as she grew up her friends grew cold so she twisted her life just to fit in their mould now her biggest fear is that she'll be rejected she'll try anything to feel loved and accepted . slowly  turning herself to something she's not desperate thing anyone to think, the love she craves has never come through and all the dreams she once held just haven't come true if you ask how she is she'll say she's fine she disguises it well but she's dying inside  She tried to distract herself or do anything just to fill that big hole in her heart now she's sleeping around hope love will be found but a heart is empty from sarrows she's drowned because deep down she knows that she is not both she puts on a fake smile how she bleeds . On the inside she's never complete She goes to bed crying she never found peace and she got tired of trying now she lost all her hope and her trust is one thing can be lost easily

Everybody thinks she's fine but she's not

I wish she survives....

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