A journey across an eerie and utter alien landscape in search of water.

Nat stopped to catch her breath. After what seemed a very long time, she was done running. Standing just below the rim of a razorback chain of red cragged hills, ‘This was a strange place.’ she thought. These and two other ranges behind her had sheets of crystal sticking up and out of them. ‘There was some kind of pattern to these small ranges.’ Nat was thinking as she looked over her right shoulder for any sign of her crew. This land gave her the creeps.

Any signs of life at all would be welcome right now. She had never been afraid of being alone before but that’s because she never really was. This place was for the dead, it seemed. She gazed over the rim and across the wind swept valley to the other side. Nothing. Nat waited. She slowed her respiration and heart rate. All she could hear was her own blood roaring in her ears. A small breeze played with dust below where she stood raising a scent of nothing. It was the smell of sterile dirt. ‘There was never life here.’ she thought. ‘The others were wrong. We should have never come here.’ Nat crested the hill after a while and moved down into the valley.

It had been four days since she had any water. That was when her group decided to split up and look for another source. They had been based by a small river originally but over a short period of time the river dried up. Nat looked up into the purple sky as she made her way across the small ..round valley and wished for a good back washing soak of a rain. It had been such a long time and the very thought of it made her sad. She quickened her pace to take her mind off it for awhile.

Once across the valley floor she noticed another disturbing rock formation. She wondered if the others had seen them too. There were unnaturally spaced depressions in large groups and almost always with the strange crystals. She didn’t like this place. Nat broke into a running climb and left the weird valley behind her. Her hooves pounding red brown dirt without a sound. This time she didn’t look back.

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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