Gary's Odessey

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A stuffed polar bear's journey.

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Darkness and silence. Nothingness for an unknown amount of time. Then bright light and a breeze. A cloud of dust and then she was gone forever.


Gary found himself sitting atop a dirt berm on the side of the road somewhere in the country. He was surrounded by golden fields dotted with oak trees on rolling hills. A ladybug landed on his little black nose. Gary stared at it cross eyed. The small insect made him feel better for a minute but his heart was still hurting. Soon the lady bug lifted off, did a few circles around his head and left. Gary wondered if he’d ever see her again and then stopped that train of thought right then and there. Those thoughts only lead to more pain and Gary needed to move on. An involuntary shudder ran through his small body. He looked up into the late blue summer sky and let the warm sun calm him. Soon he was asleep. Gary dreamed about her.


Darkness and silence. Nothingness for an unknown amount of time. Then a little girl’s giggle, body crushing hugs and dozens of kisses from rose bud lips. The little girl called him Gary and he spent unknown amounts of time at tea parties with top shelf guests like Mr. Harry Walrus, Mrs. Telephone, Bobby Sock Monkey and Baby Alice. Gary went for rides in a buggy through the park on Sundays. He spent his days playing dress-up, attending High Teas, pretending to eat finger sandwiches and listening to her tell stories. He spent his nights tucked into her sweet arms. Gary knew nothing but love.


Darkness and silence came again one day when the girl packed him in a box for storage. Nothingness for an unknown amount of time. Then girl giggles again. Bright lights, loud music and a smoke filled room. Gary sat in a chair in a corner of a small dorm room for four years and six different roommates. He saw boyfriends come and go. He witnessed many parties and all night study sessions. He also saw her cry many times. And although he never wanted to see her cry, he always loved the feel of her body crushing hugs and he didn’t mind absorbing her warm tears. Gary loved the girl so much.


Graduation weekend.


Darkness and silence again. Nothingness for an unknown amount of time. Gary was packed away with a moth.


Bright light. Pink room. Heavy sigh. A moth had eaten the whole back side of Gary’s right ear and the girl noticed his stitching was pulled. Gary was placed in a child's rocking chair and set in the sunniest corner of the new baby’s room. His days were filled with love again.


At first all he could do was listen to her little gurgles and whisper softly to her at night when her tummy had her upset. Then the day came where he was upright in a corner of her play pen. The little girl would pull on his nose and slobber on his eyes. Time passed, as it should, and one day the little girl called him Gary. He loved the little girl so much.


One night the little girl had an upset tummy and no amount of sweet whispering or even low soft humming would sooth her. They came in and got the little girl. Gary spent fewer and fewer nights with her as she would often be in the hospital or sleeping in the big bed. He missed the little girl more and more and then one day she never came back.


Gary awoke with a start. The sun was glaring down through the trees but he could see the outline of a man. He was standing in the middle of the road taking Gary’s picture. He heard the man tell a lady in a van behind him “Isn’t he awesome? My grand daughter will love him to death. I can fix his ear and have him cleaned.”

The little stuffed polar bear was sitting strapped in a special needs bus watching oak tree shadows slide by on the tinted passenger window... and God smiled.

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