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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
In which an old man sets off to see his Evelyn

Submitted: April 13, 2017

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Submitted: April 13, 2017



Sometimes at dusk you would see him come out from the hidden interior of his home.He crossed the cemetery at a leisurely pace, his back painfully stooped and his arms brimming with heather, a sign of adoration. His weary eyes fell on the gravestone in the far corner of the cemetery, sunk into the soft soil giving it the appearance of shrinking. The engraved words, weathered by decades of rain, and over grown due to the rundown nature of the cemetery, sat just above the level of the soft cushioned soil. 


The old man fell to his frail knees, the heather fell miserably from his decrepit arms, his shoulders shook in agony, and the tears fell, one, by one. Whispers of Evelyn’s name were barely audible in the frosty 9pm air, but there was no mistaking their presence. Evelyn had lost her precious life nearly 30 years earlier to cancer, barely making it to 60 years old. 


This had become a routine for the old man. He spent his walk across the cold, lonely, wasteland pondering over why such a horrid thing had happened to his Evelyn. “Why not him?” he had speculated profusely for years and years. Instead of spending his mornings cuddled up on the sofa with Evelyn, he spent them at the cemetery cuddled up with Evelyn’s slowly decaying gravestone, a mere reminder of the days they’d spent together. Their weekly bowling sessions, and fortnightly out of state trips. Everything was over, and had been for a while.


The old man hauled a homemade knitted blanket out of the rugged, brown rucksack that had been fixed on his back. He laid it out alongside Evelyn and lowered himself down, just as he would've if Evelyn were by his side. His tattered brown corduroy’s, off white button up, and grey sweater vest his only protection from the frigid air. His muted sobs could be heard in the bleak surrounding air, echoing through the graveyard. Nothing mattered to the old man though, he was going to his Evelyn and he was oblivious to the awakening world around him.

Old man Jack drifted away with the stars. With his Evelyn.

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