Sona and her dreams

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This is the story about a girl with her dream. She faces a problem in her life and how she succeeded in her life.

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



Sona and her dreams upon a time there lived a girl of 5 years old. Her name was Sona. She was very cute and smart. She was very matured than other kids of her age. She was the only daughter. Her father was working in a private concern and mom was a teacher. Sona started going to school. She use to spent lots of time with her grandma. Grandma use to tell her lots of stories. Sona was good in her studies. She had big dreams in small age itself. Sona was in her tenth standard, she wanted to be in a position of leading her own business. She was interested in fashion design, baking, painting and teaching. Days passed and she completed her graduation and started working. Her parents were very proud of her. She was very smart that in a short period of time she got lots of award in her company. Sona was working in IT company. However she had those big dreams but wanted to get financially settled to start her dream. Whatever she did it was perfect. She worked wholeheartedly. Sona's parents were not aware of her dreams so they decided fix marriage for Sona. Sona was a very obedient kid to her parents and she was spiritual also. She got married to Vicky. Since it was a arrange marriage it took some time for them to understand each other. They loved each other a lot. Whoever saw them told that they are made for each other. Everything was going fine with normal ups and downs in life. Then started the problem for Sona. Sona started facing an issue. She was sexually harassed by one of her in-law's member. She didn't know whom to tell and was worried inside. She had doubt on her if she is doing anything wrong or she should tell to her parents. She was afraid that if this was disclosed she had to face the separation from Vicky. She was very much stressed and depressed so she went through a bad experience in her life. She had heart attack at the very young age of 25 years. No one knew the reason. Doctor s were surprised and shocked to see a patient of 25 years with no family history of heart problem. Sona then was under rest and she was totally broken. She didn't know what to do. Vicky was supportive but he had no option because one side it was his wife the other the famil member who is the cause. Sona was still thinking only of her husband Vicky and was silent. One day they had argument on the topic and Vicky was not ready to listen anything and in anger he said that sona is responsible for everything. Sona was broken because it was only because of Vicky she tolerated all the problems. In anger she took sleeping pills and decided to die. Vicky when came from office found sona very drowsy. Vicky asked what happened she said nothing and he found empty strips of sleeping pills. He immediately rushed to hospital. Doctors said it's critical to save her. Sona's parents were very afraid and they knew what happened with sona . Once when sona went to her parents house for rest she told everything to her parents. But she asked them not to ask anything with Vicky. In anger Sona's father called the family member and shouted at him . Vicky at that time stood for his family. Vicky wanted some changes in the discharge summary but Sona's parents denied it. Vicky said Sona that if the changes are done be with me or go with your parents. Sona was upset and said ok I will go to parents house . She went with her parents. Almost, for 5 months no call from Vicky. Moreover, when Sona tried to reach him several times on phone he didn't answer. He added her name in the block list. Sona was upset and heart broken. She never expected this from Vicky. She left everything on God and she started looking for job. By God's grace she got the job and started focusing on career. Sona was very strong person. She can tolerate any pain but cannot see herself separated from Vicky. She loved her a lot. Though she didn't speak to him she was thinking of her. Vicky on the other side was unaware to whom to believe, because the person was Vicky's father. Sona at the beginning in anger thought that Vicky didn't understand her , she thought that it's the end of the relationship. Later, when she started thinking from different angles she realizes that how Sona is helpless , so is Vicky . But, her point was why Vicky didn't trust her? Sona was a good, soft hearted, and respect s elders a lot. But see the situation that she is going through. She has not done any mistake other than she is a woman. Always in such situations and problems the daughter- in- law 's are blamed. But, here Sona was a good to the person who spoiled her life. She didn't take any harsh decision against Vicky's family instead she was sad that she didn't have a family and simply she was blamed for the break in the family. Sona was mentally upset because she had problem with Vicky and health issues because of stress. Later she decided to be very strong and she left everything to God. One final day she got missed call from Vicky, she called him back and asked him the reason for calling after a long time. He asked" when are you coming home". Sona didn't have a answer but she said that she never told that she won't come home. She explained that it was Vicky who was not in touch with. Vicky then said that Sona has to write in a paper that" anything happens to me Vicky's family is not responsible for it ". Sona got angry and said that she won't do that . Vicky's another condition was that he would not mingle with Sona's family. First she asked Vicky what was her parents mistake? Then Sona thought should give sometime for him to settle. After 6 months of gap Sona and Vicky were united. They had hot arguments very often . The fact here is they personally don't have any issues, Sona 's problem is his father and family. Family because she shared everything to her mother-in-law but when she was admitted in hospital mother-in-law or Vicky's family didn't see her. Only two members from Vicky's family met Sona others they didn't even had the courtesy to ask her how she is because the problem was that no one accepted what sona said. They are women but still they are supporting a person who has spoiled a woman's life. Then later sona and Vicky decided each other that they will not speak about each others family. But sona said that is not fair it's his father's mistake why was Sona's parents be punished. Vicky's said because they shouted at his family. Vicky did realise that that was normal, if this would have happened to any of his sister's or family members he would have reacted the same. When come to ladies the rules are different for daughter, sister, mother,wife and daughter-in-law.Sona left this also to God stating one day god will enlighten him with the difference of good and bad. Because she is the person who thinks from other person perspective. At times she gets angry and burst out but she is very careful in taking decision. The only reason why sona and Vicky are together is their love for each other. But sona will be happy when her parents will get the right and when Vicky really understand what she has gone through because of this problem. Sona had another problem here after few days whoever she meets doctor or her parents they are advising her that she should forgive and mingle with her family. Sona was also sad that she was far from her family, but she said that people who didn't accept her pain and didn't ask her how she is for a long time. She was also angry that those members are moving good with the one who has created the problem but what was her mistake that people are behaving to her like this. Sona had a pain that society and family members are blaming her for everything. Later she decided that it's not necessary that everyone should be on her side and every one should see her pain. She decided to ignore the talks by others. She thanked God for the situation because she came to know the true colours of the family whom she was thinking hers. Sona had storm in her life , after some time she started focusing on her goal and she succeeded in her life to the top that her parents and husband were proud of her. After 7 years of marriage they had twin babies one boy and one girl. Sona came to a mindset that her family is Vicky two kids and her parents. This was her world and she lived happily with kids. Sona got everything in life because she was patience, she understood Vicky's problem and Vicky also understood sona. Truth is always bitter, but it's the key to success. This story shows that still there is women discrimination.

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