Chasing Myself

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A man spends months chasing down someone, without even knowing who he truly was.

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



After years of chasing him I finally caught him. The man who fucked with my mind, the man who got into my head and played my strings as If I were a puppet. But here he knelt before me, on his knees begging for his life. I laughed at the fact he likely thought he would escape my clutches alive. I took a moment to appreciate the view of where I stood firmly, on the edge of a high cliff somewhere on the Scottish coast. This little chase of mine led me to many places across the world, albeit this seems to be the final destination. The sun was setting in the distance, with a grasping cold ocean breeze that chilled you to the very bone and gnawed at your flesh with a fiery cold intensity. I returned my attention the man in front of me, his short hair swaying softly and hopelessly in the wind. “God, it is such a peaceful place here, you should be glad to die here” I said as I pulled my Glock 19 out of its holder around my hip. Cocking the gun with an idiotic smirk on my face and pointed the gun at his glabella, I watched as his pupils focused on the gun’s barrel, only inches away from his face but once more he returned his gaze to my eyes. “Please don’t do th-“His words were cut short as a shot flew through his brain. At the exact moment I heard a bang behind myself, followed by an intense pain in my lower abdomen, I fell to the ground, one hand clutching my stomach, turned my head to see the same man I just shot in the head holding a gun to my own head. “All these years you were chasing me, did you never stop once to think who I was? I’m you” Those words were followed by a deafening bang, and perpetual darkness. 

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