The Start

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I'm feeling like both a reader and a character in an apocalyptic story. I'm just not sure who the author is!

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



The Start.


A character in an apocalyptic story, that’s what I feel like. Right at the start before anything happens; carrying on with daily life. The only difference is that I also feel like the reader too, knowing that ‘something’ is about to occur.


You know the part of the story I’m talking about. I’m the student going from one class to another; the woman busy shopping, queuing at the check-out. I’m the guy driving home from a business meeting or the young child playing out in the garden. Which ever, they all have one thing in common – they are oblivious to what is about to happen.


But the reader? No, the reader knows that something catastrophic is about to take place. It is an apocalyptic story, after all. The exact timing is unknown, the exact cause too. But there is a tension there, one that keeps you waiting on the edge of your seat. And then – WHAM, it happens!


As the reader you get to observe how each of the people you have so far encountered are effected; as the character it is a totally different matter. Your life is suddenly plunged straight out of control, if it is not seized from you right at the start. You are thrown straight into the deep end and you either sink or learn to swim very, very fast.


There is a tension every single day. One that is almost inescapable. You can bury your head in the sand, live without a television, radio, or internet. You can tell yourself that everything’s rosy. Maybe it will work for you but I hasn’t worked for me.


Will this be the day when someone escalates things too far? No names here, there are so many who could be responsible, not just one or two. Someone will overstep the invisible line of another; someone will take it upon themselves to go ahead and be the first to push THAT BUTTON. Milliseconds later, they will no longer be the only one.


Who? Where? Why? These are the main questions more than What. Unless one of the other apocalyptic scenarios gets there first. Perhaps an asteroid will crash and save the bombs. There are so many different authors involved in this plot even they are not quite sure how things will play out.


On the other hand, maybe I am nothing more than a character being played with by the media. Manipulated by their slanted reports, the one-sided picture of every event they cover. Maybe the media is the author and those that believe they hold the power are being dragged along by them too.


Of course it could just be a delusion. I might just be getting paranoid. Only time will tell as the story gets that bit further written. Keep your eyes open for the next instalment, unless you’d rather chose a different type of book to read.

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