The Forbidden Love

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Thi love story wich could have never happen.

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



The story takes place in the beginning of high school where a boy named Jax a transfer student. Upon entering the school premises he doesn't know the way around the school and stumble upon a girl and due to the shy nature of Jax he hesitates to ask direction with the girl but with full courage, he ask the girl " Excuse me" the girl replies saying "yes" and the boy ask saying " do you know the direction to class 11A" the girl replies saying "Yeh! it's just around the corner" the boys runs saying the girl thx for the help. When he arrived at his class he quickly grabs a seat at the last bench without seeking more attention and the girl from before enters the classroom and she start approaching him and says "I think you may have taken the wrong seat, as the seat arrangement is posted on the board" the boy quickly feels ashamed and says sorry and takes his seat beside her.The First-period starts and the homeroom teacher asks each and everyone name then Jax notices her name to be Emma and the homeroom teacher finishes with taking everyone names the homeroom teacher passes everyone a paper for a test for class representative and Jax think to himself how can things get even worse when he suddenly realizes that he forgot his pen suddenly panicking he was led a pen from Jenifer he says thanks and focus on the test where he did not know even one answer. The first period over and Jax gives the pen he received from Jenifer to her saying thanks for everything she had done for him but he later realizes he didn't say anything due tho his shy nature and just said thanks. As time passed Jennifer became the class representative and had many friends whereas in Jax side he was too shy in making friends and tried too hard in making friends and tried to improve his grades but Jenifer in the other hand was good in everything and Jax wanted to be more Jenifer and he grew more attracted towards her and this feeling grew into love where Jax didn't have any clue. Jax was more interested in movies and anime and was fond of reading novels, light novels, manga and books and Jenifer was also fond of the same thing as Jax and loved watching anime and movies. Jax got fond of watching romance anime and always had a rough time when watching romance stuff at that time he didn't realize he was in love with Jenifer but deep in his heart he always knew he always feels the sting gone from his heart when he greets Jenifer with his shy attitude he always gets jealous when he sees Jenifer hanging out with boys and those boys talking to her without any hesitation of any sort which Jax lacked. And Jax always wanted to be friends with Jenifer but there wasn't any hole he could have gone in order to be friends with Jenifer because her bond with his friends has too strong. As time flew by Jax quickly realizes he had a feeling of love towards Jeniffer the whole time but he never realized it. He always regretted not conferencing his feeling for her and never did as he never had the guts to say it and he always knew he and she always belong to different worlds and can never be in a relationship.

-----------THE END------------

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