Star Moonshine

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Star Moonshine is the story about a young girl named Star Moonshine. She was born at midnight, when all the moon was full, making her the most powerful child of the night ever. When she was three, her family was killed by the Sun Queen. Star was sent to the orphanage where she lived for a year. When she turned four, she ran away and lived with her mentor, Salty. He is also a child of the night, but instead of becoming a pitch black wolf, he became a beautiful white cat with orange highlights on his face, and orange rings on his legs and tail. He trained her on how to control power. One day, while Star was exploring, she met a charming young man, Moto, which is an African word for Fire. He was a child of the sun, which meant he worked for the Sun Queen. Star didn't care. Right after that first conversation, she fell madly in love. She didn't know that Moto felt the same way. The very next day, when Salty was taken by the Sun Queen, Star and Moto knew immediately that they had to work together to free Salty. Star has to fight demons of the sea, monsters of the sky, and the Sun Queen herself to get her mentor back to complete her training. Little does she know, though, that going on the trip to save Salty completes her training.

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Submitted: April 14, 2017

Star Moonshine was a child of the night. She was the most powerful, being born at midnight at the full moon. She had many abilities. She ... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Submitted: April 15, 2017

Star was having a hard time believing that she could summon the spirits of the night. "They told me in school that the last time someone ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Submitted: April 26, 2017

That night, Star had a dream. She dreamt that she was in a strange room in her wolf form, with chains around her paws, holding her in p... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Submitted: April 26, 2017

Star woke up from her dream in a cold sweat. She sat up, and tried to place her hand where her heart was, but felt extreme pain when sh... Read Chapter