The Number Science, Explained

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The desire to see the unseen, learn about the future events especially about one's own life and those of near and dear ones and all such wishes and fantasies are the hallmark of the human race.

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



Nothing can exist without the numbers.


The desire to see the unseen, learn about future events especially about one's own life and those of the near and dear ones and all such wishes and fantasies are hallmarks of the human race.

The Homo sapiens having free will, distinct themselves from the other species of nature by looking outward, stretching beyond the instincts bestowed upon by Mother Nature, with a strong desire to explore, advance, conquer and unravel the mysteries of nature. 

People have different views about creation of the universe; the creator and or evolution, the purpose as to why the universe was created or did it evolve out of nothing? What is time? What is matter? What are we? And why do we exist etc.? While the subject is humongous in scope, I'll focus on one aspect only, 'The Order'.

If we look at any system no matter how tiny or large it is and no matter where is it located in the universe or beyond the known space, we observe and know that the common element is 'The Order'. To put it in another way; from the tiniest of particles to colossal galactic systems, everything is arranged in some order, internally and externally in relation to other systems or bodies, manifesting a unifying and intelligent force behind it, using the mathematical laws to strike and maintain balance and the Order.

Interpreting it from the viewpoint of the number science or what is commonly known as numerology, we see that Order when we measure entities by assigning values to alphabets in names or by simply interpreting the numbers as such based on digits from 1 to 9 and their multiples. If we witness clear patterns emerging out by analyzing the numbers and those patterns being validated in time as the numbers of observations increase, we realize that we are on the verge of discovering a message. A message from that unifying force that creation is deliberate and not random. That the entire systems is well conceived and meticulously structured and is by no means an accident.

While there are countless variables which may appear to be external and beyond our control, we can certainly position ourselves better in relation to those variables, if we know 'How'?

Almost every person has played the jigsaw puzzle or at least knows about it. A jigsaw puzzle requires assembly of numerous oddly shaped pieces to form a complete picture. The pieces provide clues and encouragement as you move on. That analogy explains the numbers as pieces of the puzzle and when arranged in correct order they show us the complete picture. It is a transition from the unknown to known, like in a jigsaw puzzle where you see discordant pieces forming a harmonized picture which you can clearly see when it is complete.

The only difference however is that unlike the jigsaw puzzle, the numbers are dynamic and can form various pictures and scenarios. If grasped properly, that knowledge could be of immense help and has enormous potential to benefit the entire mankind.

Pythagoras was a great Greek mathematician and philosopher who made influential contributions to mathematics and natural philosophy. He and his disciples believed that numbers were the true universal language and future could be predicted using the laws of mathematics. 

I myself had no belief in numbers or more appropriately in numerology until I had an interaction with a person some eighteen years ago. His revelations kept me baffled for a long time before I decided to do an intense search to learn about the numbers, their meaning and how could we use that knowledge to our benefit.

Over the period I have performed tens of thousands of such calculations and am amazed to realize beyond any doubts whatsoever that the number science or numerology is a distinct reality and must be seriously studied by academia in order to ascertain its significance and for the subject to earn the due acknowledgment and respect it deserves.

I have written a few articles on this subject and thought of sharing my views to reach out to those readers who have little or no knowledge about this subject, or who may simply regard it as occult or rubbish.

To summarize, numerology does not predict future as some may infer, it simply shows the path or track a name is supposed to take. Changing the name means changing values, the final number it adds up to, hence resulting in a different path which if chosen wisely should be relatively free of hurdles, making life an enjoyable journey.

The notion implies that a person's name can be suggested or adjusted to obtain a better number without really changing the name of the person as such. The date of birth is also of great importance in numerology but it is defined and there shouldn't be any attempt to change it.


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