The Flames of Deceit

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When a dragon and it's rider meet a shifty gold-scaled dragon, will it be friend or foe?

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



The sun shone brightly as Amila woke up. She stretched, and smiled to the window. She hopped out of bed, skipping over to a corner of her room.

“Wake up, it’s a nice day for flying,” She said, to what appeared to be a lump. However, it slowly got up, revealing a dragon with both fur and scales. It yawned, which echoed across the room.
“Well, if you insist. We haven’t flown in a while,” The dragon said.

“Well, come on Feuer!” She exclaimed as she ran through the door. The dragon sighed, and followed her to the kitchen. Amila had some apples she picked the day before, and she gave Feuer some dragon fruit. After a quick wash, Amila mounted her dragon, and they took off, towards the forest. They flew around all day, seeing what there was to see. Afternoon rolled by, and they we’re ready to fly back, when something caught Amila’s eye. There was a yellowish mass flying around in the distance.

“Feuer, do you see that?”

“Yes… It appears to be another dragon” She said, and her suspicions were correct. Flying closer, a dragon with yellow scales that gleamed like gold was swooping around the sky with large wings.  

“Should we go over and say hi?” Amila suggested.

“I don’t think so, untamed dragons are normally hostile”

It was too late for Feuer’s statement, as the gold dragon has spotted them. It hovered for a moment, studying them. However, it noticed Amila, and bolted toward them in a rage of sudden fury, it’s massive wings shooting it through the air. Feuer immediately turned around and tried to fly away, but this dragon would not let them escape without a fight.

“Wait! Stop!” Amila shouted. “We mean you no harm dragon!”

The gold dragon stopped, growing a bit. It looked at them for a moment, then gasped.

“Oh! My apologies, I don’t know what came over me...”

“You’re right to be sorry, my rider could’ve been killed!” Feuer roared. The golden dragon seemed to glare at Amila as she said “rider, but quickly diverted her gaze.

“Yes yes, I know, and I’m sorry,” She looked to the sky, sun setting. “It’s getting dark out, and many creatures roam at night, including in the air. The least I can do is provide shelter” She offered, and spiraled down to the forest.

“I’m not sure if I trust her,” Feuer snarled.

“Come on, you know she couldn’t help it, and besides, she’s giving us shelter!” Amila argued

“Amila, sometimes, your naiveness can really get the best of you. We’re going,” She said, and began to turn to leave, but Amila jerked on the reigns.

“But you heard her! There are creatures out here!”

“And how do you know she’s not lying?”

“And how do you know if she IS lying? You’ve never been in this forest at night!”

“True….” She grumbled. “Fine, but the minute she pulls anything, we’re out of here”

The two swooped down to a small clearing where the golden dragon collecting branches and putting them in a pile.

“Oh, hello there! Make yourselves comfortable,” She smiled, then blew a plume of fire into the branches. Amila sat on a mossy patch and Feuer sat next to her, wrapping her tail around her.

“My name’s Topaz by the way” She said, sitting down. “What’s yours?”

“My name’s Amila, nice to meet you!” she beamed. “And my dragon’s name is Feuer. Sounds funny, huh? I mean, I can see why you’re named Topaz, your scales shine like the stone itself! But my father actually thought of the name Feuer. Apparently, it’s flame in German or something!”

“Yes, but I find that a somewhat unfitting name. I can breathe fire, but not very strongly. I don’t even like doing it much.”

“Is that so? Well, I on contrast, love breathing fire. But don’t worry, I won’t breathe on you” Topaz said with a snicker. The sun shifted into a break in the trees, and shone right over her scales. As Amila described, they shone with the brightness of gold. But something else caught Feuer’s eye.

“Uh, what happened to your claw?” She asked, pointing Topaz’s right claw

“Oh, this?” She held it up. “I lost this claw in a fight. Luckily, a kind sorcerer was able to restore it with none other than Firestone.

Feuer gasped. “The legendary stone that is said to increase any creature’s flame?”

“Indeed,” Topaz said, and spit a small flame at a bush, causing it to erupt in flames.

“Hey! Careful!” Feuer growled.

“Hey now, I know what I’m doing with this thing, ok? Anyway, enough about me, I’m curious; How did you two meet? Dragons and humans don’t normally converse with humans”

“Oh yeah! See, when I was five, my dad got me Feuer as a little baby dragon. We grew up together”

“Interesting,’ Topaz remarked, eyeing them vigorously. “I have a sea dragon friend named Marina. We met at a mountain, and have been friends ever since”

“So, why didn’t you fight?”

“See, the mountain we met at is sacred, the Dragon God of Jade apparently lived and died there eons ago”

“Oh, so wild dragons aren’t just wild animals?”

Topaz glared at her for this comment. “No, no were are not,” She glowered, but composed herself.

After awhile of talking, the moon rose, and the trio became tired. Customary of fire-dragons, Topaz burned a small patch of grass and lay down comfortably. Feuer however, simply gathered some pine leaves for Amila, and coiled herself around her protectively.
“Feuer, chill out. She’s done nothing to harm us”

“I don’t know… I’m still getting this weird feeling….” She sighed and lay down.

“Goodnight, Amila”

“‘Night” she responded. Although before she closed her eyes, she glanced over at Topaz, and saw her piercing green eyes staring at her.


Amila thought she was in a dream. It was dark, but felt a warm breath on her. However, she opened her eyes, and found it was no dream. There Topaz stood, right above her, glaring at her. Smoke was coming out of her nose, and when she noticed Amila awake, she smirked.

“Goodbye, worthless human,” She said quietly, then rose to breathe fire on her, but just as she was ready, Feuer leaped out and tackled her, fire spewing everywhere.


“You were right to think that, but you didn’t, because you listened to your stupid human!”

“She is NOT STUPID, she is my FRIEND,”

“You IDIOT! Dragons are powerful majestic beasts! We are NOT meant to be ridden by ANYTHING! Then again, I wouldn’t expect some PET to know that!”

“I am NOT her pet!”

“I’m surprised you don’t even know not to trust an attacking dragon! But of course, your status as a pet must’ve messed up your head”

“How many times do I have to say I'M NOT A PET,” Feuer roared, and lunged for Topaz’s wing. However, the stronger dragon flung her to ground as she grabbed her wing, and pinned her down.

“Feuer! NO!” Amila shouted, and ran for her, but Topaz swiftly swept her aside with her tail.

“Once I’m done with you I’ll eat that little pest,” she growled.

“Don’t you DARE touch her!” Feuer roared in protest. Topaz seemed ready to melt the other dragon’s face off, but simply scoffed.

“You know what? You’re not even worth it. No fighting experience, nothing. But mark my words, I will tell the dragons about this, and we will find you,” She threatened. “But I have to make sure you don’t go anywhere in the meantime,” She said, then leaned over to Feuer’s outstretched wing. She spewed intense flames over it, causing her to cry in agony. After a few moments, she stopped, snorted at them, and took off.  

“FEUER!” Amila screamed, and ran over to her. “Feuer, are you ok??”d

“I’ll be ok,” She said, getting up slowly. She tried to move her wing, but winced.
“Your wing… We won’t be able to fly for a few days”

“I suppose not..” She sighed

“So what will we do?” Amila asked.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine, I’ll think of something” Feuer reassured her as the sun rose behind them.

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