I Lied

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Because why not?

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



Hello. If you've been following me, and became one of my friends through this website, then you know a great deal about me. I've shared things about myself on here that I haven't shared with people outside of this place. I once wrote a little story of how I started writing, and everything in that story (which I've removed from here) is true. 

Except I lied about one thing, my name. 

Now, I told you I preferred my middle name because I truly dislike my first one, and that's very true. My middle name is not Majesty...no matter how much I've wished it was. I've loved that name since I can remember. Being honest, my whole name in general is a mess. 

I've got a weird first name...that sounds like a boy's name, and my middle name is Don,can you imagine that! My parents didn't even have the decency to spell it like "Dawn", and that's some bullshit. On top of that I have two last names....which is a mess. 

My name embarrasses me, its suppose to be unique...and yeah I guess no one else has it but that doesn't make it pretty...or nice. 

My real name does start with an S, and some people do call me Shai, and truly that's the name I prefer.

Sorry if you wasted time reading this because I'm not going to tell you my name, I'd only tell that to certain people who I've made friends with on this site, so if they want to know they can know. 

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