An Unexpected Journey PART 1

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Two orphan brothers live a terrible disaster that force them to start a new life in a new place, where they will find the unexpected and what they won't forget

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



I. The Two Brothers

Alex and Harris are two orphan brothers, they lived in their hometown ‘West Emerald’ which is an island northwest Russia since their childhood after the death of their parents.

When Alex was on the 23rd of his age and Harris the 18th, a big disaster in West Emerald had occurred, the river flooded heavily, all houses collapsed and many people died but the two brothers managed to get on mister Stanley’s ship which was travelling towards the west. Hours later the ship which was carrying around 45 people was sailing peacefully.

@ The Ship – Cabin 5

Harris was watching his hometown, his childhood sinking from a window sadly, Alex came and sat beside his younger brother hitting his thigh.

Alex: Calm down buddy, we’re safe…

Harris: I can’t, it’s too hard for me to understand…

Alex: I know bro, (he leant on his back) and for me too

Harris: So, (he looked at his brother) what happens now? What are we gonna do?

Alex: Nothing, we will just continue sailing see where this ship goes, we have got nothing else.

The ship sailed for around two days; it reached another town called ‘Bright Galaxy’.

Alex asked a man in the ship: “What’s this town? Do you know?”

The man replied: “I don’t know son, I’m just like you”

@ Bright Galaxy’s Main Sea Port, Bright Galaxy Village

Stanley let everyone decent then went away to the coast.

Alex and Harris were looking around the town, it hadn’t got much of people living in it although it looked modern and beautiful.

The Governor of the village was called ‘King Isran’ he accommodated the visitors and promised to give them everything they would need after he knew about that disaster, Isran was a kind man, he provided the 45 visitors with a place to live and some money as they chose his village as a shelter.

Alex and Harris went to their small house; they were not happy as they lost their childhood but they were not angry or sad because they found a free of effort place to live after all what happened. Their house had a big library with many books, some of them were tragedy, fantasy and historical about the town itself, Harris loved reading, he started immediately reading a historical book about the town, it was called ‘The Raise Of a Worthless Piece of Earth’ By C. Ted Howard.

After Harris started reading the book, someone knocked the door of their house, he knocked heavily, Alex went to see who’s it, and it was a soldier from the king’s estate, he said that Isran needs a book from this house immediately. He needs the same one Harris was reading.

Alex: Okay, yeah, I mean sure

Soldier: sorry for inconvenience but he needs this exact version

Harris was listening, and after the soldier said his last line, Harris hid the book inside his clothes.

The soldier looked everywhere for the book but he didn’t find it, each time Alex wants to say something Harris directs him to shut up, as Alex saw his brother hiding the book but the soldier didn’t.

Soldier: I didn’t find it, where could it go?

Harris: You better look in the other house you may find it there, right Alex??

Alex: …, y…. yeah that’s right

Soldier: He said that it’s here, I don’t know but okay I’ll look nearby. Sorry

Harris: Don’t mention it.

The Soldier left the house.

Alex locked the door then turned to his brother and shouted: “Why did you do that WHY?? You are engaging us into real troubles in this strange village do you know that?”

Harris: Calm it down bro, it’s just a book. He then grabbed the book and sat reading it.

Alex took the book from him “This book must go to King Isran, we shouldn’t do this, the guy accommodated us” Harris grabbed the book from his brother and replied: “Brother, I must know what’s so bad about this book that made that soldier that nervous, come on a book isn’t gonna kill somebody.

As Harris was a naughty man who has the sense of a journalist, he kept insisting until his brother calmed down and decided to read the book with him.

II. The Third Touch

The two brothers read the historical book, it showed them that the old governors of The Bright Galaxy were cruel and violent; they had a rule in governing the town it was a quite rough rule.

Rip From The Book: “Ruling a town is just like ruling the bow, you have to drag the arrow which is the people to your arms which are the benefit of the king and release the people just like you release the arrow, then it doesn’t matter what goes to the arrow as long as the king has benefited”.

Alex: This is insane!

Harris: yeah, how cruel is this!

Alex: Who wrote this thing?

Harris: The writer’s name’s… (He closed the book to see the name in the cover) Ted Howard. But what’s this? I didn’t notice it before (There was a small ball which was stuck to the cover and the first page)? I can’t remove it

Alex: Show me… (Harris gave the book to him) I don’t know, but it looks electrical.

Harris: Wait a second (he dragged the book from Alex), this is a Positioning device.

Alex: and how did you know that?

Harris: One of my friends had one, this was to bring the position of something at very far distances and if it had been stuck it cannot be removed, it uses some sort of special magnetic sensors, it can only be released by a unique key.

Alex: Are you sure?

Harris: Yeah, yeah I am sure

Alex: then we gotta tell King Isran now!

Harris: You’re right, let’s move

@ Isran’s Estate

The brothers knew that this book holds a secret which they had to make Isran knows about it, they decided to meet him immediately, he agreed, they didn’t tell his secretary about the subject particularly they just claimed that there’s an urgent situation.

Isran: What’s it dear guests, is there a problem?

Harris put the book on a table in front of the King. “We found this in our library”

Isran: W… W… What?? DID YOU OPEN IT??”

Harris: Why??

Isran shouted: Answer me, did you open it???

Harris: I read some pages?? Bu…… Isran disturbed: “No, nooooo my town has just sunk.”

Alex: What?? What’s going on please tell us?

Isran: You shouldn’t have opened this book, you shouldn’t have opened this book, it had been closed for 15 years to prevent the danger you two had just brought right now!!

Alex: We didn’t know? But what’s that danger? What’s happening?

Isran: It’s my mistake, (got up and walked) I’ve forgotten the book in your library because the houses were empty and I didn’t remember, I shouldn’t have done this. Bu… But I sent a guard to you why didn’t you handle him it when he asked?

Harris: in fact, I started reading it at that time and I... I… I hid it from the soldier?

Isran: Why, why did you do that??

Harris: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause troubles; I didn’t know forgive me I’m sorry

Isran: the trouble is what’s coming, The Pirates of The Earth that’s the problem.

Alex: Who??

Isran: They… They’re the former rulers of this town, we came and freed the people from their cruelty, we fought and defeated them but they weren’t completely deceased, some of them ran away and they knew that we’re moving the town’s houses and people to the north, (he sat), so they planted this book for us. At first, I opened it and read it I didn’t know about that device in it but a friend of mine told me about it, it’s a specialized positioning device that shows your position, works after three touching by openings the book three times, they planted this thing to make their children and grandchildren finds our way, you opened the book for the third time after I forgot to seal it in my safe. Now they will come.

Harris: why didn’t you just throw this book then?

Isran: We can’t, this device has a potential of electrifying when it gets out of the range. It can shock the whole town in minutes. Their scientist the nobel prize winner Dr. Richard Howard had made it

Harris: (Hit his forehead hardly) No!! No!!

Alex: Oh my God!

Minutes before, when the book was opened for the 3rd time…

@ A Cave In Caribbean Sea’s Coast

(A Glowing from the pointer feedback light which is connected to the GPS at Bright Galaxy shows the destination)

Ted Howard (The current leader of the pirates): THIS IT PIRATES. THIS IT WE HAVE THE LOCATION OF OUR LONG-LOST HOMETOWN OUR HOMETOWN, thank you Richard Howard, you’re the best scientist in this world.

The earth’s pirates shouted and cheered

Raze Cooper (Ted’s cousin): 15 years it has been! Boss we should get prepared we must take back our revenge for the men who have died and slaughtered on the hands of Isran.

Ted: We will, we will, PIRATES gather your things, the journey had already started. What we were waiting for is HAPPENING, (Laughs)

III. The Battle Of The Decades

The pirates of earth didn’t waste time and got on their big ship which is filled with arrows, bows, muskets, swords and cannons. Another small ship was beside it.

@ Bright Galaxy – Isran’s Estate:-

Nervous state came among the place. Isran was in a derelict state… Alex talked to the king.

Alex: your majesty, please can you do me a favor?

Isran: What?

Alex: I need two swords, one for me and the other for my brother.

Isran: Listen, I…. you don’t have to do this… I…

Alex: PLEASE sir, PLEASE, give me them now, I have a plan, there’s something we can do with those pirates, me and my brother have their weakest link.

Isran: …., what?

Alex: Please sir, let us correct our big mistake, give us a chance.

Isran: … Alright,,,

Isran handled two swords and two sets of armors to the two brothers, they practiced for some time, until the evening came, and what an evening it is gonna be!

Pirates’ Ship @ Mediterranean Sea

Raze was talking with Ted….

Raze: Do you think that the opener read something about what we had written?

Ted: whatever, it doesn’t matter, he will soon have his head cut out.

Captain, raise your speed we need to reach quickly.

@ Isran’s Estate -

Alex: Everything is ready your majesty; I promise not to disappoint you!

Isran: Fine, Alex but please leave me alone now, I need to be alone…

Alex: okay sir

Alex left the room to the square in front of the sea coast.

@ Bright Galaxy’s Coast

“I CAN SEE SHIPS, BIG ONES’ shouted the look-out.

Alex shouted: Everyone, be ready!!!

It was a great mass of people in front of the sea and a great mass of people coming from the sea to the coast.

The thing started, the fight started and what a fight, no battle was like this in decades. The two masses clashed with swords, bows, spears and cutlasses. Alex made a plan in order for the Galaxy’s People to surround the pirate from all directions, it was a smart thinking but things are about to change.

Ted Howard himself entered the fight, let alone his piracy but he is a courageous warrior, and this was not a thing that Alex will like nor his brother.

During the clash ted met with Harris… At the middle of the square, in fact Harris was still young to a fight like this he never grabbed a sword before, he trained? Yes he did but Ted Howard was one of the greatest warriors and pirates since many years.

Ted: You little boy, ha, you don’t look like a warrior, do you?

Harris: I’m gonna show you myself.

Harris concentrated his momentum on the sword and hit Ted it was an injury to the arm. Ted began to grab his arm, but Harris continued hitting, this time Ted blocked.

The rest of the square was also filled with people who have sands in their faces, many wives at their homes were widowed in some seconds.

The pirates had greater armory and numbers, so the Galaxy’s Nation merely saved the lives of not more than several tens. The rest some of them died. The other some The pirates had them hostages and got them to the big ship in front of the survivors who were down to their knees watching the destiny of their sons, fathers or brothers.

Alex and king Isran were survivors. They were watching the hostages on the ship. Suddenly Alex turned around saying: “Where’s Harris, haven’t you seen him sir?”. Isran stayed silenced.

“HARRI-I-I-I-I—I-IS” shouted Alex who looked back at the ship.

In the ship he saw a desperate hostage. It was Harris.

“Har… Harris, please please release him… take me and release my brother!” shouted Alex.

Ted Howard spoke with Raze and some pirates surrounding him at the top of the ship’s deck.

“Now… you see that we have the land, our land, back whether you accept it or not, It’s the truth, an……”

“No It’s not” shouted Alex

“What did you say?” replied Raze but Ted ordered him to stay back and said to Alex: “You know another citizen citizen?” “Ha?”

“Yes I do” said Alex

King Isran and all the people and the pirates were looking at Alex and so was Harris.

“In the sands lie the lads, they are nothing but a bunch of bags” rhymed Alex.

“I saved the lads only cause I need them, otherwise I would deceased them” rhymed Harris too in the ship

“What are you sayin, damn you??” asked Ted.

“No, no it isn’t me who is saying it, it’s you, these are the poems of Ted Howard have you forgotten them?” replied Alex.

The pirates began looking sharply at Ted and Raze, Ted looked right then lowered his head down to the ground and said: “I have no idea what are you talking about…”

“It was all in your book The Raise of a Worthless Piece of Earth, we read it, don’t think about killing any hostage because if you do, believe me I’m gonna recite the whole poems to your friends and my brother too. We have saved your book by heart” said Alex “NOW RELEASE THE HOSTAGES” he shouted then.

Harris: yeah, I will be with the dirty lads and bosses until the sun of property lies above their warped noses. Isn’t that right?

Alex: Yes, dear bro.

Ted became nervous, and Raze too, they looked at each other’s opening their mouths widely. The lads never let down the sharp looking.

“Release them” said Ted.

“What, what are you saying?” asked the lads.

“He said release them, release them now” said Raze.

The hostages were released. Harris hugged his brother, they both said, “We did it”

The back army of the Galaxy’s Nation suddenly attacked the pirates’ ship and held them hostages instead. What a turning point that was. How smart were the brothers.

IV. Getting Locked Up

@The Terminal Jail of Bright Galaxy: -

Ted, Raze and the pirates were inside the jail. The pirates kept looking sharply at the both after what the brothers said earlier in the battle. Then (Jim) who’s a pirate got towards Ted and said: “Sir, you must give me and the lads explanation right now”

Ted took a deep breath and began to speak: “u want me to explain right?? If this means anything it would mean unfaith!” he lowered his head down and pretended crying then the pirates began to be normal with him in looking, Ted continued: “I have always treated you like brothers, what made you think, just think that Alex’s words are truly mine, I will never ever in my life think of you as he said ever, you’re my closed ones, but (he moved his head left and right with a sad face, a face which express frustration) it seems that you never felt well about me”.

Jim said: Sir, we respect you and your accomplishments but we need you to tell us, what’s happening? And if it’s as you just said why did you lower down and submit back at the war while we had the lead?

“I didn’t submit son, I preserved the rest of our lads from their own selves. I did these because turmoil between us as a team occurred and this could be their turning point to do more than what they did now, I thought forward, you won’t understand that, you are young” said Ted. “And if you want to know what’s happening. I will say one word only CONSPIRACY, it’s a conspiracy to unsettle us, to end us, and you believed it, you believed their mind games!! Oh no I’m so disappointed!”

Jim and the lads said with one voice: “WE ARE SORRY, sir WE WERE WRONG, PLEASE FORGIVE US”

Raze was hearing it all, he replied instead and said: “As long as you know this, we are going to solve this situation, aren’t we master?” Ted replied “We will lads we will”.

[As you see dear reader, Ted deceived the lads with these word which aren’t true of course, he did say those poems. Alex and Harris aren’t poets they knew them from the infamous book].

@ The Terminal Jail’s Sheriff’s Office: -

Sheriff: Thank you mister Alex, thank you and your brother for helping.

Alex: Please don’t mention it, it’s nothing, I still didn’t resolve our big mistake.

Isran: You did more than we imagined.

Alex: Now what will be the situation with Raze and Ted?

Sheriff: They will be set for a trial in 2 weeks.

Alex: Great, they must learn a lesson.

@ Jail: -

Ted: Raze, our secret weapon must be released, we should get out of here.

Raze: But, don’t you think that we should wait a little longer, that weapon is a one last thing we have, if it fails we will rot here.

Ted: Wait? For what? For being killed? Cousin, we shouldn’t hesitate a second, our life is the most important. And don’t worry, it won’t fail us, I guarantee you.

Raze: What about the lads, they should be sacrifices if we did this?

Ted: It doesn’t matter; we have the alternative.

V. Conspiracy Of The Alliances

Ted and Raze were called out one week after by the Sheriff, he ordered them to him. They were brought after some minutes.

Sherriff: I called you to inform you that your trial is next week, the punishment will be determined then.

Raze and Ted were looking at each other’s then Raze told Ted with his eyes to proceed. Then Ted asked the sheriff to say something.

Sheriff: There’s nothing we can do about your fates, don’t expect us to show mer…….. He was interrupted by Ted who said: No it’s not about that

Sheriff: What about it then?

Isran, Alex, Harris and some guard entered the hall, the brothers were looking at Raze and Ted who were sharply looking at them too with a sense of a cunning and teasing.

Sheriff: What do you want to say? Ted

Ted: (…)

Ted began saying words which aren’t distinguishable, his temper of voice changed into a strange one, his body was making a hard effort to get out the word but appeared to everyone although as whisper, everyone stood up in the hall.

Ted: Ese cabe nave ne bi na bi na bi, gilly whaopo lande lande,, whylin,, whylin,,,, whylin(louder)

Isran: What’s that you said?

Sheriff: Ted, answer right now, what is that?

Ted: You will know, now.

Windows of the station crashed, strange humans entered from them carrying strong heavy swords, and a clash started between them and the government of the prison, the king, Alex and Harris equipped their swords and began to fight too.

It was remarkable, swords clashing everywhere, dead bodies cut heads, arms and legs everywhere, those who entered the prison were very cruel, as third of the guards were killed by them. They also threw two swords to Raze and Ted who fought with them.

Alex was injured heavily, the sheriff was killed and Harris was captured along with his brother. Isran was captured too.

The brothers and the King were shocked, they had no idea how and when this happened.

Ted sheathed his sword and looked at the hostages and began talking with vanity.

Ted: How you like that, idiots. Take them to the jail, all of them.

The hostages were imprisoned.

Raze: excellent sir that was impressive. I didn’t imagine this, excellent work vodus.

The strange humans were called The Vodus.

Vodus: Welcome you pirates; now should we proceed with the plan?

Ted: you mean killing the pirates? Yeah go and kill them they aren’t useful anymore, I have you. I have the Vodus.

The vodus went to the jail and killed the pirates.

@ Jail: -

Alex: what was that now, everything was fine, what happened?

Isran: looks like Ted made his plan B.

Harris: we must get out of here before he takes the island.

Alex: in order to do that we have to know who were those new enemies

Isran: sons, you are the only persons who can know

Alex: But how,, we don’t

Harris: the book, yeah the book.

Alex: Right

Isran: But you don’t have it.

Harris: No, I put it inside my clothes just in case.

Alex: Pull it out then, we must know what’s happening

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