Once Peaceful Earth

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When did our once peaceful world turned into the endless chaos of today? Where did humanity went wrong? Was it with the nuclear bombs or even before that? or were it doomed to fail before we even begun?

Submitted: April 14, 2017

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Submitted: April 14, 2017



Once peaceful world…


How this peaceful world, Turned into chaos;

No one knows, No one asks or remembers.

Was it when the bombs were dropped;

Were soldiers chaos’ harbingers?

Or was it even before the bombs;

Before the innocents turned into cinders.


 Was it when corruption flourished?

Was Caesar’s murder it’s start?

Or was it with the ambition;

With the onset of Alexander ‘s conquest march.


Oh, how this once beautiful world turned it chaos;

How it fell from it’s grace.

But does it matter, how it fell;

Now when it’s already in disgrace?

 Too late now to think back to,

How it all begun;

As we suffer in this disorder;

Crying for mercy as we run.


Too late now, to regret;

What we’ve already begun. 

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