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Hospitals, patients, attenders and attit

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



My visit today to Apollo Speciality Hospitals, Teynampet. 9AM. 

Scene 1

*C A N C E R   B L O C K*

The Main Lobby. 
Spotlessly clean. 
Reminds me of 5 star hotel lobbies. 
Staff - From Ward Boys to the Chief Doctor were spontaneously very courteous and receptive to our queries. 

The reception and support staff are trained to voluntarily come forward and help us with a SMILE. 

Canteen too serves hygienic food. Ofcourse, we are sucked for all these services. That's different. 

But still, more boldly noticeable  was the unexplainable grief that filled the entire building. Bewildered, shocked and pathetic faces everywhere. The temple at the ground floor and the Salah room at the fourth floor are filled with disciples all the time. Everyone seemed ready to spend everything and do anything to regain their lost health. 

The patients are very sure their days are numbered and dragged towards death. The relatives are aware, that they are about to send their loved ones to an unreturnable destination. The doctors too are they are offering treatment only to postpone the death.

Despite, all the above facts, the place was bursting with activities, for the materialistic needs and greed of the management and doctors obeying their management to recover their Return On Investment. 

Knowing well of their sealed destiny, the patients and their loved ones spend all their savings on treatment, hoping for a miracle to save their life. It's a Breaking Point even for an atheist to become a strong believer of God. 

The money they saved bargaining  mercilessly with the vegetable vendor, evading taxes and cheating each other are spent lavishly without any objection to extend their expiry date. 

And that's life. And that's how Almighty wants things to happen. Nothing is beyond his dictation (destiny). 

We can only plead him to make things easy. 

*S C E N E   2*

Speciality Hospital, Reception area. 

I am sorrounded by patients and attenders on all sides. Few patients who arrived by expensive cars, were brought in on wheel chairs. Their relatives and friends, after completing registration formalities are seen busy eating chat items at the canteen. A few even argue with the canteen in-charge for not serving Kachori (11am). 

Most of them are dressed like they have come for a wedding reception. They call their relatives and friends on their iPhones and androids to update them that they are in Apollo Heart Care hospital for a checkup, as if it's a symbol of status to be diseased and get treated at Apollo!!!

At another corner, a select crowd was seen desperately trying to Americanise themselves with their Nanganallur English and attitude claiming their children have gone inside for US visa's medical formalities. 

The young ones who had come for US Visa medical check-up were accompanied by parents who treated their children like they don't know anything and tried to help them in filling applications, paying the medical fee, carrying their files etc. However, children in turn treat their parents as kids saying, "dad, you please sit there pa. I can handle these things, they have selected me for my wisdom and knowledge and you still treat me the way you treated me when you admitted me in pre-kg. Pleeeeeease try to understand pa. I have lot of other things to do". He then drags his young wife's wrist and runs towards the blood check room. 

As the son walks to a little distance, the snubbed dad disappointedly complains to his wife, 'Hmmm, innum USey pogalai, athukulley eppadi pesharaan paathukko. Enakku onnum theriyaadhungraan, neeyum paathundu kallu maathiri nikkarey". 

I was able to understand his possessiveness. 


Nowadays health centres and hospitals look quite mysterious to me. 

Health check-up packages are named Silver, Gold and Platinum. What's the difference? Will the doctors hide some of the disease for a Silver category patient? Or will they do only a partial screening? Or Will there be different nursing? ????

The days are not far when there may also be Silver, Gold and Platinum packages in Funeral Services, burial grounds and crematoriums. And that time, the person who gets the service will not be even aware if he is offered Gold or Silver package. 

M Abbas Naushad

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