A Murder in Blue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A murderer roams the streets of a buzzing city. Murders happen by the week, and the police can't find a suspect. Are they protecting the people and upholding the law?

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



The low, heavy hum of the winter rain, contrasted by the sharp cracks of thunder, stirs the gentleman from his sleep. The strength of mother nature, is emphasised by the blinding flashes of lightning, streaking between the skyscrapers, that make up the heart of this city. The gentleman wakes up from his long nights rest. Looking out the window it looks as though it’s midnight. After looking at the clock, it’s actually 7:47AM. With a crash, thud and swear, the gentleman wrestles with his jeans, snatches his shirt, grabs his coat and is out the door of his apartment.


It’s his second week on the job. This man successfully passed all tests and studied hard to become a detective. He made sure to research topics outside of his field of interest, such as the details about forensics, dna analysis, and more. He worked incredibly hard to get to this point in his life. To help others, protect others, and bring justice to those who need it. His life’s goal is to catch and punish wrongdoers, lawbreakers. The unjust. He studied lots of law and was at one point on the path towards becoming a lawyer. However felt that he’d be doing society a favour more by being on the frontline.


The gentleman detective reaches the ground floor, sprints outside and jumps into the car of his partner in crime-prevention, Josephine Kennedy. Josephine is a little more experienced, and has been in the force for a couple of years.


“Took your time James. In this rain, the crime scene might’ve washed away by now.”

“In this rain Jo, how’d we know it was a crime scene to begin with?”

“The scene is under some cover from the rain, though flooding is still an issue. The site is sectioned off and it’s all ours to play with.”

“You seem excited about this Jo. Someone is dead. Why are you smiling?”

“Because I like a challenge.”


The rest of the drive was without conversation, only the radio blaring over the constant downpour of the rain, racking against the metal shell of the car.


“Police confirm that the brutal murder of a 47 year old male behind the local service station, is indeed related to the recent string of murders in the area. Police state that they are searching for possible links between these victims, commenting on the variety of victims that seem to be increasing in number, every week.”


“Man, this murderer is really slippery isn’t he…”

“Yeah James, they’ve been hitting this area and the outskirts of the city for a good couple of years now.”

“Damn, so this guy’s been doing this for as long as you’ve been working huh?”

“Yeah, every week it’s a new body, and it always relates back to this murderer. You’d think with so many kills and over so long, the department would’ve figured it out by now.”

“Yeah, you’d think.”


Josephine pulls up to the crime scene, pulls up her hood and leaps out of the car, with a strange kind of excitement about her. James slowly slides out his side, and heads for the crime scene, under the careful, scrutinizing of Josephine’s experienced eyes.


As I turn the corner to the proper scene, all feeling in my legs disappear. My sight blurs and the world begins to spin. I collapse into a puddle of water, and vomit. I can’t stop. Josephine casually strolls over.


“Impressive isn’t it?”

I vomit again, in response.

“Good thing you stopped here. Much closer and you’d be destroying evidence.”

After emptying my body of everything not attached to my insides, I bleakly ask her,

“How can you stand the sight of this…?”

“You get used to it the more you do it. It gets easier over time.”



(CAUTION, graphic content warning, for sensitive audiences”)


Josephine explained to me early, that the messier the crime is, the more meaning it has. She lectured me on how much attention I should pay to where the parts of victims bodies are and so on, for the best chances of interpreting any meaning from it.

“Just like art” she says, with an unsettling grin.


So the scene is like this. On the left from my standing position is the service station. Its white wall is painted red, using the blood of the victim. A paint roller is lying next to the victim. The man’s body is sliced open and the skin is peeled back exposing the ribs and organs that were within. Numerous organs have been removed and placed over the body of the victim, in such a style, as though the murderer was dressing him up. His intestines are draped around the victim's neck like a scarf, completely detached from the body. The victim’s kidneys are in each of his hands. His stomach has been removed and reinserted into his mouth.


“That’s a pretty thorough examination so far James, good work!”

“I can’t do anymore, I have to take a break, otherwise my stomach's going to be a part of the crime scene.”

“Try being the own to pull out these things.” She jokes, sarcastically.


Josephine offers to take care of detailing the rest of the crime scene for me, while I sit in the car, still trying to comprehend the sheer gore I just witnessed. After a few short minutes, Josephine gets in the car, and we head off to the station to go over these details in some amount of comfort.


Josephine offered to go and get some samples tested, fingerprints from the paint roller, shoe prints left in pools of blood, somewhat warped by the flooding rain. Josephine told me, more like ordered me, to go and read up about the victim. So I did. It turns out this man was all sorts of horrible things. He’s been in and out of jail, as well as on trial for numerous things throughout his life, from a young age. He’s a convicted rapist, and sexual predator, of numerous people, of numerous ages. He’s robbed and assaulted numerous people and businesses. He turned out to be a real scumbag, and I wonder if the person who murdered him, was a victim of his, or a relation of one of his victims. Based on the way his organs were scattered and decorated him, I think it might’ve been one of his own victims, that sought revenge.


“Oi James, what’s up? You’re looking a little pale there. I hear you're on the case for the new zodiac killer?”

“What’s that Ron? New Zodiac?”

“Yeah man, we’ve been keeping him on the down low, because he hasn’t been making public threats. We also feel that, if he doesn’t make the news, the panic won’t be bad. People are dying all of the time, so these murders are easy to hide up.”

“Seriously?! Look at these pictures! Look at the descriptions of the scenes, the murders! They are anything BUT easy to hide up!”

“James, calm down. I know you’re new here, and understand if you’re a bit shaken about these murders. We are all a bit on edge because of them. They’re disgusting! And inhumane.”

Josephine chimes in as she enters the room.

“Guys, how do you know it’s a he? And, how do you know publicity has anything to do with it? Have any of you noticed, how all of the victims, since these killings started, have been criminals already? Convicted and tried, imprisoned and more. They were all guilty of something horrible. I don’t many people would miss these fellows, if I’m allowed to be honest. I think the wonderful person murdering these criminals, is actually helping the community. I think it’s a waste of time for us to be investigating these things, if they had it coming already.”

“Jeez Jo, Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman scorned…”

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