3 AM

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It's 3 AM and we are going again...

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



It's 3am and we are going again. Another round, got me wanting to go again and again. Showing you what you've been missing. Switching up positions. I saw, I waited, then got your body arching up to mine. Got you feeling things you haven't felt before. Got you coming back for more. Oh baby you're sexy, tell me you're ready and I'll give you more. Girl show me how you feel. Girl you're body showing me how I make you feel. Your body twitching at my touch, at my kisses down your body, my lips against your skin, kissing down, my finger tips sliding down your thighs, got you watching every move I make. Got you thinking about all the things I could do to you, all things you want me to do. Go you moaning, sighing and screaming my name. Your nails tearing my back, biting my shoulder trying notto scream out. Got your hips moving with mine while im deep inside. Your first time, girl dont worry I know what to do, I'll treat your body right, I'll be as rough as you want me to be. Got you kissing and biting on my neck, kissing on my chest, kissing on my tattoos, got your hands wandering all over my body, gripping my shoulder blades, gripping my ass to feel my deeper inside. The way your body moves, I know you love it when I leave hickies all over your body, got you wishing there was more hours to each day. Got you pulling on the sheets, gripping my hair, kissing me hard, sighing through each kiss. Holding my body close to yours, feeling my skin against yours, not wanting this to stop and girl I promise I wont stop until your body is shaking underneath mine...

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