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This is the short thought of mine i bet u will enjoy and please comment

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



Failure(between the spikes)

In this situation, i know that i will fail in my exam and the reason behind my failure is me and my decision .I dont want to blame the cause of my failure to other .My  today life is the ultimate and accurate result of my decision .

I am studying CA in New Delhi and i wasnot forced to join CA but i was neither encouraged from my family It was only and only mine decision.Before joining CA i dont know that CA is for those who has passion for this field and as i see my self i am the dumbest person in this world for anything i dont know i am suppresing myself or i am in depression .Even i am not able to identify what are the good qualities in me and in which field i am the best .I think its already late to change the field but i cant stay in this field if i stay i will fail in all exam I dont want to telll lie to my parents that showing diffrent  self made reason to leave CA. I dont know why  i am thinking this and writing this as i know i am not the expreienced writer who goes deep and lost in their thought to take out the meaning and extra ordinary word .I am just writing what i really think .I know that i am quite different from other in the case of thought but this is not the unquiness which world and society would appriceate or even tolerate In my mind i have dozon of the word and feeeling to say my owns but nowadays all own are more dangerous then others.I think i am not fit  for the world or this world is not fit for me  or i am less older to tackel the world .

I am between the spikes of society sayings and this human made courses.


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