Money talks: A Prequel to Lamb to the Slaughter

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Patrick, a thriving detective, may be successful in his professional life, but is certainly lacking in his personal life. In his married life, he decides to engage in a secondary affair, with a rather filthy women with wealthy attributes. As usual, an evening coffee period between the both of them was inevitable. Who would know that greed for money would lead Patrick astray, and accept to commit to such a horrendous act of disgrace and embarrassment?

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



As Patrick enters the bar, there is an exchange of suspicious looks amongst the bartenders as the pistol dangling from his waist makes a screechy noise as he slams the front door. His rage is evident as he paces across the room towards a rather petite woman.  Patrick immediately sits down disgruntled. After a moment of awkward silence, Patrick sneers at the sight of the gold necklace and diamond earrings. Her jewelry doesn’t surprise him as he is rather familiar with the woman’s belongings. He sees her pulling out her snakeskin purse, intending to pay the bill. Patrick seems disgusted by her pretentious action, but he suppresses his anger, unwillingly. He breaks the silence.

“Well dear, how are you doing?” Patrick hesitantly asks.

“Doing just fine darling,” she answers.

Immediately he thinks to himself if only I could own her riches. As he takes out his Bauer Automatic and places it on the table, he whispers faintly, hoping no one in the pub can interpret their conversation.

“Barbara, I understand that you have taken a fancy to me since I met you here last month in this pub, but we cannot meet each other any longer. You should know that I have a pregnant wife and an important, respectable job as a thriving detective to maintain. I don’t want our affair to jeopardize my marriage and employment as I am being constantly monitored by colleagues.” He hopes Barbara will accept his reasons for ending their affair, but instead she clears her voice and starts rambling, “I was not approached by a single man before I met you. I have been ridiculed by my friends in high school, harassed by a group of drunken men my father invited, captured through the lens of paparazzi  only find myself labelled as “ugly duckling”. Confused, Patrick replies, “Where are you going with this?” “I want you to marry me, Patrick. I know she is important to you. If you won’t take this step I will be left alone, and forgotten.”

He feels like an object, he doesn’t want to be an antidote to save Barbara from loneliness. He refuses her offer, picks up his automatic and says goodnight.  Immediately, he feels a tenacious grip pulling him towards her.

She smirks as she pulls a bundle of hundred dollar bills. He stares cautiously, struck in a dilemma, wondering if it would be worth it. “This is just the beginning. You shall be the sole inheritor of my jewelry. Additionally, the income of my late father’s company will be under your name. It would be foolish of you to turn down such an offer, wouldn’t it?”

As he could no longer resist the hunger for wealth, he snatches the money and takes off. Taking long strides, he thinks to himself, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. A fair share of the cash will keep Mary and her baby running for a year or two. Patrick paces back home, thirsty for a drink.

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