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she must find the truth which lies in a fantasy and reality.

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



Lord there's some things that i dont understand like my dream why would it be like that? We were at his grandma house and he isolated himself and she kept telling me he In there mad playing his game and i went inside his game still on and he was sleeping with he controller still in his hand and i took the controller out his hand I dont remember if i turned the tv off but he woke up and looked at me and told me don't go he miss me and my heart melted and i layed there with him. Lord is it all true or is it a sign and your trying to tell me he is the one? Or is it just me who hasn't gotten over it. I still love you but do you even think of me? Am I still on your mind? Do you even care for me or is it all a lie? Lord please please please guide me tell me which is the one for me. I am lost and broken trying to survive in these inside tears but I'm drowning. OH GOD my heart aches So many ways but am I the only one who lays in sorrow? Why did it have to go this far. Temptation. Maybe I should've prayed and waited but the words the hurt the pain built up over time and i was blinded by something that wasn't real. Am i trying to make it real now or is it really real? Sometimes I want to scream but why? Why should I? No one can hear me behind my smile. Behind it all is a girl who is In a dark corner alone crying watching a fantasy and reality but both are hurting her. Now she's in to deep, now shes forced to love another? Or was she forced or does she actually feel it. How will she know unless she lets go but how can she let go of something so beautiful so precious. All gone in a blink of eye. She ask herself why. Why. Why. Why. Take me back but then she woke up. It was all just a dream....

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