Weather Man

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This short story is to show what some people do for others when they have nothing else to lose

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



In a little old town of langful there was a strange mysterious man named the Weather Man. No one really knew his true name, for he has forgotten it himself. You see this man has suffered from Alzheimer's disease and he forgotten almost everything, he forgot his friends, name, and personal hygiene. This on the other hand did not stop him from rising every morning to check the weather. He would walk around town telling kids to make sure to carry an umbrella or have a heavy coat because it's going to snow later. Everyone knows his tragic story and appreciates what he does, he is like the kind heart the town needs. Passing men and women would greet him with open arms. He would them have the biggest smile on his face that would bring smiles to all. Then one day on his way back home on a bad snow day he saw in a alley way a little boy, maybe five or so. He was in a ball covered in cardboard for warmth, no coat or scarf or anything. when the weather man came about arms distance he seen that the young boy was completely wet from the snow accumulating on him. The man would take off his coat and cover the boy in his coat to warm him up. He thought to himself that he couldn't just leave the poor boy there. He carried the boy to the nearest police station which was nearly twenty minutes away. When he entered the police station the mount of snow accumulated in his shoulders resembled a mountain, the icicles that run from his nose hung low. The police officer rushed to his and the boys aid by giving them blankets and directing them to the nearest seat. With all the strength taken from the man's body he collapsed and didn't seem to wake up. The officers tried to perform CPR until the paramedics come. He was rushed to the hospital but there was nothing they could do for he was pronounced dead from a heart attack. Thank you for listening to my story, for my name is James and I just had to write this story for to me this man is a hero and deserved all recognition for he saved my life from that alley way and to this day all I want to say more than anything is thank you  

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