Grandad, I Love You!

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I wrote this poem because currently my grandad is in the hospital dying from cancer and well this was the only way to express some of the things that i needed to say to him with out him knowing that i knew that hes gonna die and pretty soon.

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



Grandad, I Love You!


You may be fading away,

but the memories won't.

Not a thousand words can change a thing,

like the fact you're ill and even dying.

It won't change the fact

No matter the day, no matter the time

The man you were, will never come back


I'll treasure the memories, and all the good times 

You mean, You meant the whole world to me

and always will be.

You made us smile, You made us laugh

through all the hard times

And i'm thankful for you.


You always made time for us

You always made time to care

made time to love, and time to share

Once you're gone,we'll take care of grunny

No matter what, No matter how.

No matter day or night.

We will make time for her

like you made time for us.


When I was young you held my hand,

made me feel safe with no need to worry,

muckle years later you hold my hand

I feel your strength, I feel your pain,

but still feel safe deep down within. 

You showed us love, You showed us wisdom

You showed us hopes and dreams weren't meant to be broken.


You gave us the gift of life

You gave us the chance to live

You still amaze us with all you do.


I've lost count, of all the things you've done for me,

like making me heels, so i could be pretty.

Building a horse so I didn't feel lonely.

You made me a bridge for the tent on the table-

made me a princess for just a wee while.


It's hard to express the words I want to say,

I wish I could heal you with my loving touch.

I wish I could do you proud,

And do right by you.

But sadly enough that day will never come true.


You are a wonderful man,

You always will be,

We love you forever, but please don't leave.

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