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Immortality is a curse

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017




  I was such a fool. I never thought that immortality was such a curse. I would of thought of the idea being exhilarating. You know the idea of never dying forever being young, never being sick. Silly to think that something like this was interesting in any way.  

became immortal on my eighteenth birthday, My father was scientist and performed multiple experiments on me like I was lab rat of some sort. Never the less his experiment worked and while he thought it was a break through. Even though I knew it wasn't right, My mother didn't want the government to do experiments on me and hurt me so she sent me away to Wisconsin to live with my aunt. Life there was really simple and easy, I even found a really nice girl to call mine I wouldn't trade her for the world.  I even married her, But as time passed on I remained young and youthful she begun to wither and grow old. you can visibly see her life slowly leave her body as a raisin.  

Of course she knew I was immortal it's not easy to hide. I tried everything to keep her as young as possible. I even thought of something that would scare me for the rest of my life. I thought that if I was to share some of my blood with her that she would become immortal as well and make her young again. I went to the doctors to see my blood type and see if I'm compatible with my wife. It took nearly a whole month to get the results back and luckily it's a match, but I can't expose myself, so I took matters in my own hands. I conducted a blood transfusion. 

I bought a syringe online and waited for it to arrive. As it arrived on my front door tension began to build more and more. I opened the and waited for her signal to begin. She then gave me the nod okay and I began to draw blood and as the blood became rushing out I began thinking that should I give her my curse? When it finished I walked in her direction  and injected her with my blood. We did not say nothing to each other whole time, for there was nothing for us to say. As I seen the last drop of blood enter her body I waited to see if any results were to happen. Then her skin became to regain color her wrinkles disappeared and her hair became black again. Everything was going according to plan but then. Her skin began to rot and decay rapidly, the blood is speeding up her aging process extremely. her skin began to sizzle and boil. She began to wail, cry, scream, and violently shake. Reaching out to me wanting me to help her but I wasn't able to do anything. I tried but it was already to late her skin  completely decayed and fused with the chair she sat her soulless eye sockets staring at me. With shock overwhelming me I began to cry softly and quiver with fear. I can to the realization that I'm alone. I couldn't deal with the thought, I decided to end everything. I gathered every flammable object in the house and lit it on fire. I sat next to her seat while the fire slowly consumed me, the pain of the flames did not compare of losing my dear wife. My vision begin to fade and everything goes black and I'm dead. Or so I thought 

In what seems like moments I awoke in a coffin. I'm forever trapped I said to myself. Some time has passed now, but there is only so much I can tell being trapped in here but the wood that encased me began to decay and became brittle. I hit it repeatedly to see if I can climb out and see her grave at least , Little and little began to come off until I had enough room to climb out with the remaining strength I have left. The more I climb the more sunlight I begin to see. As I've finally reached the surface, the warm gaze from the sun relaxed my nerves a little bit and to my right was her grave, the grave of the love of my life. Annabel Manson my beloved wife I'm so sorry. Why is immortality a curse?    

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