King E'Beezy

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Before dinosaurs and Darwinism the Earth was a society of walking talking animals with the sense of today's human civilization. A great ape by the name of E'Beezy grew in the suburbs of Goronzo, Footop which we know today as Haifa, Isreal.

Submitted: April 15, 2017

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Submitted: April 15, 2017



On May 1, 4096 before dinosaurs or Darwinism. A king was born. The sense of relief hit my mother when I had really excelled in basic living factors such as walking, talking, and picking out my own food to eat after only a year of living here on Earth. My father was a business partner of the guy who discovered free energy. The city of Goronzo was filled with joy as everyone loved to work together and had a sense of strong family tithes no matter if you were gator, lion, pig, or even gorilla such as myself. We knew understood what fair treatment was and believed in a universal God. God as we defined it was simple to understand as we could look at anyone other than ourselves and see that we all make up this great peace within we call God. Although we are all born to be different in the sense of finding our passion we knew that all of our works together made a strong unit which promoted positivity, which brought about good karma. Love was a factor in peace itself as we looked past the outter shell of the individual recognizing the spirit of those around us.

i was 12 years old with the conscious attitiude of a 75 year old owl. There was no schooling as we relied on the teaching of the elders to guide us down the wonderful paths of happiness. There was no need for hate as even after each competition we congratulated everyone for the spectacular performances in each sport, art, and music work. We believed in unlimited resources, so whatever we needed the Earth had an abundance of those items. There was no need for one leader as we had sense enough to govern ourselves and our communities. I began to meet a lot of new individuals as I got out to traveling more discovering and seeing different type of people. I grew fond of a beautiful lady by the name of Lynia where we soon built a home and grew plots of fruits and veggies. It's funny people would think I would be swinging from vines and climbing trees for bananas. That much is true as well, I still climb the trees in my back yard for some fruits I would like to eat, and I go to a gym where swinging on vines is recommended for cardio.

I remember speaking to one of the elders about what is life outside of this, and he said only madness can come about thinking apart from the peacefully fun nature in front of me. There were rumors of invasions taking place in other countries across the water, and something called "Craze" which those individuals put in place to put value on everything on their land. There was also tales of famine and diseases from artificial foods being made in labs over there, and to keep those cities under control they would be sprayed with bits of LSD from the jets above. Just imagining all that madness made me appreciate the life I was living more, but it also motivated me to want to spread the knowledge of a better life to those lands. Tales of a dictator who they looked up for the answers was scary to think about as those people sounded like they didn't have a conscious of their own to know right from wrong. They worked night and day to obtain the resources they needed for basic living, but the payout wasn't enough per week to even support themselves so they would have to work 2 sometimes 3 slaving jobs that in the long run seemed to ruin their lands, and poison their people.

i made my way over to them on a ship I built with household items. The air was polluted and hard to take in when I landed. They all looked at me with the looks of zombies without a conscious. The kids were crying because they had brothers die from violence from not having that much, so they fought each other out of madness instead of looking at the position of everyone else. The dictator and his minions were living in mansions the size of football fields. I thought to myself what could an ape like me have that could possibly save these people? The answer was the best weapon of  in that setting which was my voice. I started up a campaign to over throw the mad animals in power. Telling them no one individual should have all that power, not to mention the fact that they thought resources were limited. They built up a stupid system of currency to get the things they needed to live. They followed an imaginary figure in their minds that they thought would punish them for their wrong doings rather than question it themselves they believed it. If not strike down evil in charge of you, why strike down the weak and hungry does he? I asked, eating the flesh of your brother and sister is inevitable to endure when the thought of something better is at stake here. Dropping like flies left and right I couldn't stand to see anymore, so I took out all the leaders in power. They were as fragile and you and me as we all bleed the same. The people called me their new leader, but I forbade them of doing so and taught them how to really live. No government or leadership of one individual needed to maintain order just the conscious minds of those who are overall righteous were needed to move this pncecurrupted society into the right direction. As I got ready to take off in my ship the same people who were once crying finally smiled and persisted to call me King E'Beezy because of my ability to take charge, and see a change all the way through for the greater good. I returned home to my loving family where peace was still maintained there as well. They congratulated me on my success and we continued to live our lives with happiness. There was no need for any currency in exchange for my services as all I wanted was to see the smiles of everyone gleam from the sunlight. I love everyone and everyone loves me, everyone should love each other because we'd be nothing without one another.

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