What is the time Christ has risen ?

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Let this life be blessed with your kindness for all Christ has given us. May your loved one cherish this happiness all the way in your love besides Christ as our guardian in a lifetime again. :)

Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



May we knew yesterday when innocence was crucified on the highest foundation on Earth,

Do you recall the song of dreams our Savior made this day from where we lived?

May when years come back when your heart stopped its beat for the voice within,

Do you remember the life of prayer our Father treasured this moment from time we slept?

May where your story still remain as the source of unconditional love,

Do you refresh the days of hardship our Teacher saved this hour from life we choose?

Oh Father! Unknown yet mightiest of all existence,

When your son hopes this eternal bliss may last ever again,

Where your creation ignites love always may light hope again,

When your grace answers all source of most sincere faith that has lead us again,

Where your time shapes fate of all life born ever again,

Now this day has come again,

Today I am challenged not lost in this failing steps when we this event in the entire history again,

For all common cause let us stop from bridging wall of hatred where we live,

If Christ be born in this time to live a dream page again,

May our life Cherish all the remains of the goodness of this wish,

May our saviour has an answer if God is right,,

I dont know if I am wrong,

May we cherish this last song of passion again for Christ has risen within,

If this is near within a wish for we loved to be with Christ,

I looked around all creation till a heart visited this very true spirit for a journey we are united,

If many words knocked endlessly within this heart,

If miles unlocked peace before this passion,

If this voice came before our supreme foundation,

This heart never knew a visitor from our soul may tell you again,

When all the living gifts why Christ has risen today,

Come back very truly for every beautiful day God has gifted us from this unconditional love,

Let us share something we need to be thankful for God again,

If this is humbleness we get as respecting our elders,

Let us be thankful for being one among this commuinion for being their honour,

If this is help we give as thanking our society,

Let us be worthy for giving a role this day we are living for their happiness,

If we attack hatred with friendship,

Let us not spoil our relationship when what we are today came from sacrifice that beared greatfulness from all,

When Christ has come back for a day loved entirely for the days that may bring back us this wealth,

May we secure happiness granted from a healthy living within our neighbourhood,

Where your teacher travelled in faith till now to bring back this life from darkness of your last night,

May your days giveaway this reason of a smile we are new for the living order our merits will be part of this day,

When we have a season to celebrate hope that things will be fine with our efforts now,

Today Christ is the reason to cherish peace that miles far away from this home God may gift daily bread with what we save for them today,

For your help from this life ever lived for a day that Christ has renewed this trust that love may win over enemity around our neighborhood,

Let simple steps of a life's wish may rise around this day I am grateful for a living blessing God has granted us,

I don't know if this day may furnish completeness of a daily essential that our world needs from you,

Yet Christ who kept a reason for this day in our life shining where we are,

May delight this kindle heart of all our days for this Easter ever more.

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