Untold love (michi no ai)

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Michi no ai (untold love) is a story about a princess and a prince and their untold love..

Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



Michi no ai(untold love)

Chapter 1 (the first kiss)

I never thought you would come back princess.I told you I am not the kind of girl you think I am.Hahaha so you did fall for me .No I am here to tell you that falling in love with you is impossible..

This is the first chapter of Michi no ai. I am your protagonist yuukine hana it's the story about a princess and a prince and there untold love (Michi no ai)..

This is the medieval time in the kingdom of korai .The kingdom is very rich and the king is wise and just.The princess is very cute and elligent. Millan:Your highness,it's time for the announcement of the princesses Festival) King Hugo:Yeah I know (takes a deep breath) My darling baby has grown up It's seems like yesterday when she used to come crawling to me.. Time sure moves fast... Millan: Yes, you are right about that your highness.

(Both of them leave the court hall and king Hugo ask the servent to call for the princess) (At the balcony of the castle)

People:long live the king long live the princess long live the king long live the princess We love you your majesty. King Hugo: it's time of which you have waited People:it's the princess festival...Long live the Princess long live the king.. (Princess festival it starts 4 days before the birthday of the princess)

(Princess Miyoko has gone to the forest in the east of the castle with Mitsuke the son of minister Millan and Subaki the daughter of the Cheif knight and some guards for hunting)

Mitsuke: princess it's been a long time since we came hunting ...but don't? you think we should have stayed at the palace Since today is the princess festival. Subaki: Princess I agree with Mitsuke on this His majesty will be angry if he came to Know that you came for hunting on first day of the princess festival.. Miyoko: don't worry you two... I know my father's weekness You two will be safe so don't think about that. Subaki: princess you sure have a cunning side. Miyoko:(smiles)you guess...

(Suddenly the group heard some sound it seemed like clashing of swords ) Mitsuke :I think there is a swordfight going on. Miyoko : let's go and see. Subaki:No ...Bad idea I don't think we should Interfere . Mitsuke: Stop worring so much Subaki ..It Would be fun..Let's go already Miyoko:yeah ...Subaki he is right stop worrying So much.... (The group moves toward the sound)

(A young man is having a duel with the soilder of korai it looks like he somewhat related to royality but something was different he was wearing normal peasent clothing) Miyoko :stop this at once ... Soilder:(recognise the princess at once) long live the princess...(bowed) Miyoko:(getting down from the horse) Why were you having a duel in the forest? Soilder: Princess I caught this man here seeking in the forest.looked suspicious.. Miyoko:(turns to the man and ask) Who are you? Young man:So you are the princess.Hmm the rummor are really true Miyoko:And what would the be.. Young man:(he came close to the princess and kissed her on the lips)you are beautiful.. Subaki:(draws her sword out) How dare you Deffiy the princess honour. Miyoko:(thinking - He stole my first kiss. She is totally embarrassed ) Subaki:Guards catch him and put him in prison. ( The guards capture the man and take their leave) Miyoko:(still shocked by the incident) Don't tell father about this. Subaki:But princess.. Miyoko: It's an order. Subaki:As you wish your highness. Miyoko: let's head back to the castle. (They are going back) Mitsuke:(thinking- who was that guy....may be I have seen him somewhere.....)

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