The Feels

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The thoughts that make me uncomfortable throughout everyday.

Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



Though I can smile every chance I get with the people I love, I can't help shake these moments of sorrow when certain people judge me on their own assumptions. Do you experience exhaustion even after full rest periods? Feelings of loneliness even when you're with people, feelings of heart and chest pains, thoughts of being uncomfortable with yourself because people don't agree, feelings of someone else being able to control your thoughts,  feeling easily annoyed and irritated thinking about reality. Do you feel blocked and feelings of people being unfriendly? Feeling dizziness hoping you don't faint in public, feeling lost without a friend to talk to, feeling temper out bursts becuase you're unheard, feeling disinterested in things, feeling people dislike you? Do you have trouble falling asleep, moments of an upset stomach, trouble catching your breath, feeling bothered by yourself, feeling basic and simple, feelings of raging anger coming from others, feelings of drowsiness throughout the day?

Also get feelings of blood pressure being too low, loss of appetite so you eat once a day, feeling your feelings can be hurt, being dragged through other people's problems, feeling hot or cold spells, tingles down your spine, feeling your body temperature rise without notice, feeling broken without crying, feeling your tears are dried, feeling someone's out to get you, feeling people pretending to like you, people talking about you behind closed doors, thoughts of money tearing you apart, hearing a voice degrade you, feeling a loss of your pulse? Scared of being alone because you never know what could happen to you next, blacking out of reality hoping someone would catch you before you hit the ground. I feel like that sometimes. Can't take a deep breath and exhale all that non sense away, but I will say this before you judge me look at all the stuff you did to me. I'm not the only one that experiences these feelings, but I'm the only one that can feel what you feel before you can say it. A lot of people die from broken hearts. Remind anyone you love them today, they might not get to hear it tomorrow. Sometimes I need to hear it as well.

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