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Are aliens in the universe?

Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



I find the universe a very interesting place, here's my view on aliens, please comment your opinion. Maybe share this with others!

Aliens Here On Earth?

What is a person to make of the innumerable tales of alien abductions, alien autopsies, crop circles, and spaceship sightings that have been floating around since the 1940’s? While it is impossible to examine every single one of these cases (there are far too many), upon close examination every case that I know of that was thoroughly investigated did not provide solid evidence for alien life on earth. Most of the alien abduction stories come with no corroborating evidence whatsoever (only witness testimony), and most of them occur just after (or during) sleep. Hence, it is impossible to rule out the very mundane explanations of lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, deliberate fraud, misperception, drug use, illness, and psychosis as explanations for these alleged experiences. Once the idea of aliens became popularized back in the 1950’s alien creatures began to appear in great numbers in people’s dreams and hallucinations. As far as crop circles go, those have essentially been debunked as the work of mischievous (and creative) humans. A number of UFO sightings have turned out to be either unusual aircraft (such as air balloons), normal aircraft flying in formation, normal aircraft with unusual lighting, meteorological events, or tricks of the nighttime sky coupled with human perception errors. While many UFO sightings have gone unexplained, a lack of explanation is a far cry from proving that aliens are here on earth as there are dozens of possible explanations for a person claiming to see moving lights in the sky. In order to prove a point, professional skeptic James Randi once claimed on a radio show to have just seen a UFO. People began calling into the show, claiming also to have seen the same UFO that evening, unaware that he had made the sighting up. Unfortunately, even photos of UFO’s do not provide good evidence as they can easily be forged (in fact, many of them are known to have been), or are ambiguous as to their interpretation. As far as alien autopsy videos go, those I have seen are obvious or known fakes (like the alleged Roswell autopsy video). Essentially, there doesn’t seem to be any strong evidence behind the alien sighting phenomenon, and it is clear that there is an enormous amount of human psychology involved. Even if aliens are on earth, the vast majority of alleged alien sightings are undoubtedly not genuine. Until actual alien technology is found (that has a function or material composition unachievable with human technology), an alien is actually detained, or video of aliens is taken that could not have been forged using computer generated imaging, it is wise to remain skeptical of stories about aliens.

An important point to keep in mind is that the fastest way that aliens have to discover that intelligent life exists on earth is to detect the radio or microwave signals that we produce. However, if the alien’s home planet is hundreds of light years away then our earliest signals would not even have reached them by now! In particular, since the invention of radio is less than 150 years old, the only possible civilizations that could have discovered that there is intelligent life on earth must be within 150 light years of us. Even worse, if aliens travel at a maximum speed of 25% of the speed of light, the only way that they could have both detected our signals and traveled to earth is if they were within 30 light years of earth when we first started broadcasting, which is a very tiny sphere compared to the size of our galaxy.

Contacting Aliens

While it is very unlikely that aliens have arrived here already, if humans continue to exist for another one hundred thousand years (admittedly a somewhat dubious prospect), it would not be terribly surprising if contact with aliens occurred at some point, most likely through electromagnetic signals rather than through direct face to face contact. Astronomers have now broadcasted messages into space, designed specifically to be detected and interpreted by technologically advanced aliens. Because of their design, these signals are more likely to be detected and properly interpreted than ordinary radio or television broadcasts. Unfortunately, contact with aliens may well be a very bad idea from the point of view of human survival. While aliens could potentially be friendly, there is reason to expect the opposite. Evolution, wherever it occurs, is a highly competitive process, requiring creatures to kill each other for resources. As essentially all creatures on earth (including humans) have many selfish and exploitative tendencies, it seems likely that aliens will as well. Under natural circumstances, creature that are too altruistic tend to be taken advantage of by more selfish individuals, and hence weeded out of the gene pool.

If humans are detected by an alien civilization in the next hundred years, the aliens will almost certainly have far superior technology to our own (by the very fact that they are able to detect us at all), and therefore could likely annihilate us with ease if they felt we might one day be a threat. With sufficiently powerful technology, for example, they could launch a weapon at us at near light speed. By the time we could even detect such an object (if indeed we would be able to detect it at all), there would be little time for us to understand it or react to prevent our destruction. The sad truth is that much of the time when groups of humans have encountered those who are much less technologically advanced than themselves (but who, nonetheless, are in control of useful resources), the weaker group has been suppressed, enslaved, or annihilated. Just look, for example, at the colonization of North America and Africa by Europeans. Unfortunately, it is not terribly unlikely that aliens would be similar to us in this regard. Even if there were only a 30% that the aliens would decide to kill us all, would that really be worth the risk? One thing to keep in mind is that if aliens do ever receive our signals and choose to respond to them in kind, the wise thing for them to do would be to obscure the origin of their messages, perhaps by reflecting them off of astronomical objects (to avoid the danger that we one day develop technologically strong enough to harm them). Hence, it is unlikely that contact with advanced aliens will actually allow us to identify their location.

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