Never Me

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The poem is self explained.

Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



The pink overpowered the blue,
Trapped inside myself, nobody knew,
I lived my childhood confused,
No clue what to do,

Set him free,
Release this sad soul inside of me,
I wish they all could see,
That this little girl, she isn’t me.

Loved ones become strangers, 
They don’t associate with "freaks of nature",
I’m sorry everyone, for what you call my "unusual behavior",
Now I’m my only savior,

They tell me it’s "just a phase",
They ignore the pain in my face,
This isn’t something I could erase,
Stopping me only makes me want to escape,

From this world, 
That’s filled with hurt,

I was a child,
They said my mind was "running wild",
And then they question why I hardly smiled,

Children can be bitter,
I hear them whisper,
Words that’ll cut you, like a sharp pair of scissors,

I’m not expirencing a delusion,
And tests aren’t the solution,
Portrayed as a type of mutant, 
But I am human,

Washing my brain with what they believe, 
Let me out, hear my scream 
My eyes water, like a heavy stream,

This body is a cage,
It fills me with rage,

Just set me free, 
It’s time to see,
That this little girl, she was never me.

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