That Guy part 1

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Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



I had only known her for 3 months and I knew she was the one. My plan to steal her heart was going to take awhile considering I only saw her in one class every other day this would have to work. So like any normal person would do I got her phone number but I almost got caught trying to find her's on the list for the upcoming state trip. I managed to put it in my phone find her social media accounts then my wife asked why I was acting weird. I said," stomach bug those kids at school all have it." She accepted it and asked if I needed the next day off. 

I started of slowly but I couldn't stay home multiple days that would by abnormal of me so I went to school as usual. I needed a good excuse for her to come into my office so like any normal person would I staged a student teacher conference with all my students to not draw suspension and it worked. This was the last period of the day and I might have run over by accident because I knew her name was last but that's ok I know she doesn't ride the bus her house is too close, I mustered up the strength to act like a professional. Questions like," are you passing all of your classes? Or your parents know about the meeting right?" Of course she answered yes in her meek shy voice because she was perfect. Now many people wondered why I was attracted to her well I honestly don't know there's something about her I just crave. 

I arrived home late last dinner and told my wife Susan that the rest of the week I would probably be late. She didn't suspect a thing. That night she made me feel extremely terrible because she said how much I meant to her and that she loved me to the moon and back. A vague sense of guilt arose from within me and I couldn't carry out my play with my student  I had so desperately wanted. Everything returned to normal and the trip went on but something inside of me longed for her dark brown hair and warm smile and innocence. My chance arrived in a perfect movie plot the elevator got stuck with only her and I. I was the adult I couldn't just make out with her that's unprofessional. I sat down and started talking to her oh her quiet voice got to me and calmed me something my wife had never done but I had to let this pass and this became the first interaction I had.

Weeks passed and I couldn't get over the elevator one night I had to go help another teacher out in the next county over and told my wife I probably wouldn't come home that night. Perks of living in a small town they let you stay the night for free. Their school was struggling more than ours and they just needed work around took about a four days I told my wife I wouldn't be home for about a week. Considering the extra days left from what I told Susan I decided to surprise her. I drive home and saw another car there. I went in the house and saw another man screwing my wife. I couldn't speak to her I  just got back into my truck and drove. I must have driven for about five minutes when I saw a stranded pickup and I realized it was her. I stopped and got out she had engine problems I opted to take her home she accepted.


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