The Adventures of Kylie

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Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



It was a warm summer day, the kind of day that turns your neck red from the sun but you never feel it because you are having so much fun.  The April breeze had a hint of chill.  

Kylie and Sarah were looking for the next springtime adventure.

It was noon and they had just finished lunch at Kylie's house when her mother shooed her out of the house to go find some fun.  As they left the back porch, Sarah looked at Kylie with a mischievous grin and said, "follow me."

They ran to the out to a path that was draped with trees running through wildflowers growing everywhere. Sarah ran straight to a triangle of trees and stopped in from of one.  She fiddled around with the bark as if she was looking for something. Looking for a while with a confused determination, she came to the tree that was the farthest away muttering,"this has to be the tree, or else it was a dream."

Kylie was not sure what was going on but she let Sarah keep searching the trees for something . . .

The third tree that they came to, Sarah touched an old gnarly piece of bark that was about to fall off.  She pulled down on it and it let out the strangest sound you ever heard - a mix of a trash compactor, and a garbage can falling over.

Then with a smile on her face, she said, "I knew I would find it!"

The bottom of the tree swung open and revealed a small staircase that led downward.  Sarah, who was much shorter than Kylie, descended the stairway with ease.  Kylie almost hit her head going in.  

The walk down was very peculiar, it was like those movies where you see those people going into tombs but have to go through those long scary hallways. she then felt as though she was being dragged up, but when she looked down at her feet they were on the ground.  She knew she was walking down the steps but it felt like she was being pulled into the ceiling.

Gravity was playing games with both girls as they walked up into the light streaming through a small round door with an "M" on it.  They turned the round door and it popped off into the daylight.  They saw people, and not just any people but Chinese people. It sounded like gibberish spitting out 50 miles per second. the smell of egg rolls and what looked like and smelled like danishes wafted through the air.  Although one thing caught Kylie's eye - it was a small round pot hole, different than all the others. The pothole had a gold "M" incrested in the middle and was plated with what seemed like gold.

Sarh then snapped Kylie out of the daze, she was bugging Kylie on how they should,d explore. "No!" exclaimed an indignant Kylie. "At least, not yet. i want to do something first. come on lets go back home." 

when they entered the house Kylies mom asked, "what are you guys up to?"  Sarah responded with no difficulty at all, "Oh, we are exploring China!" "oh, are you now. Ok just be back by dinner." Kylie raced up stairs and grabbed her Fitbit. "look" kylie explained, "if I can see how long we were in China and how long it was here we can go exploring all right?" " well, why are you talking to me? I'm hungry for some egg rolls, so hurry up!"  

Kylie grabbed the Fitbit and raced out of the house with Sarah close behind saying, "don't eat all the egg rolls in CHina!"

Kylie's mother just grinned widely . . . "those girls have quite the imagination."

 . . . she had no idea . . .

So the girls passed through the portal hidden in the tree once more.  again they were caugt between two worlds and two sets of gravity as they walkled through the potrhole with the M inscribed on it.  

This time the girls had some money and of course the Fitbit to test and see how long it was in this different world.  It turns out that for every five minutes in this world of China, only 52 seconds passes in the world that they came from.  So they could spend all afternoon and it would only be one hour.  

Armed with that knowledge, Kylie could relazx and explore the new surroundings.  She made sure that she noticed the street signs - at the interescetion of of Q'en and Liu Streets.

The girls made their way to the money changer.  They wanted to chaneg in tehir american currency for Chinese currency.  As they stood in line, a man approached Sarahand started asking her quest9ions very quickly in CHinese.  Both girls were completely shocked and confused as the man got louder and more aggressive.  Kylie, stepped in front of Sarah and tried to explain that neither of them knew CHinese.

The man blew his whistle. The girls were in trouble.

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The Adventures of Kylie

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