Róka the Fox and Kutya the Komondor

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Submitted: April 16, 2017

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Submitted: April 16, 2017



“Csaló!! Csaló!! (Crook!! Crook!!)”

The other animals chant, taunting the little fox.

She hesitantly confronts them, stuttering her words.

“I-i’m not a Csaló-”

The birds up in the tree whistle in mockery.


Free vector graphic: Musical, Notes, Key, Symbol, Joined - Free ... I for one detest a fox.

Who steals anything locked with locks.

For she deserves to be punished.

And out of the forest, she shall be banished.


Saddened, Róka runs into her little burrow.

Crying, the little fox cleans her red fur.

Her whimpers echo throughout her tunneled burrow.


Not so far from her little home, a Komondor trots in joy.

An ear raise, focusing on the sound of cries.

Cautiously, the dog sneaks up to the entrance of the Burrow.

In a whisper, he asks, “Why are you crying little fox?”


Róka sniffles, responding in a breaking voice, “All the animals are so mean to me...Just because i’m a fox, they think that i’m a Csaló. Always singing the mockery song...over and over. Instead of a song of happy birthday, I get a song about a Csaló.”


Building up the slightest courage, the little fox asks the dog, “Are you here to taunt me too?”


Shaking his head, the dog answers, “No. no. no. I’m not here to hurt you little fox. If anything, I want to be your friend. I may be a big dog to you, but i’m super friendly.”


A few moments of silence pass.

The Komondor carefully calls out, “Come on. Why don’t we stand up against those bullies together.”


Sucking up her tears, Róka pokes out her head from her burrow.

With a great smile, the dog sings to the red fox wanting to cheer her up with the words he knows she would love to hear.


Free vector graphic: Musical, Notes, Key, Symbol, Joined - Free ...“I for one love a fox.

Who struts her tail as she walks.

For every night she whimpers like a dove.

When all she needs is heart-warming love.

Happy Birthday little fox.”


A soft smile rises on Róka’s face. She steps forward, walking into the warm sunlight and out of the dark hole, “My name is Róka.”


Wagging his tail, the dog responds with joy, “My name’s Kutya!


He lies on his stomach with his wagging tail flailing behind him.

Happily, he barks, “Let’s turn this bad day into a good day! It’s your birthday, you deserve a party! A gift too!”


In thought, Kutya looks up. WIth an idea he says, “Ah! I got it. I’d like to defend by your side against those nasty bullies, and give you a home in my heart.”


Róka’s face glows with joy, happy tears drips off her whiskers, “Köszönöm szépen Kutya (Thank you very much Kutya). This is the best birthday ever. With your bright smile and your great love for me, you’ve shown me true love and happiness. I don’t want to feel weak anymore, you’ve shown me what it is to be strong. For that, I am grateful.”


Throughout that night, Kutya and Róka celebrated together. From that day on, they were friends forever and always by each other’s side. Whenever the bullies teased Róka, both the fox and Kutya showed them their courage, and both made sure the tormentors did not mess with either of them again.


~ The End.


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