Life is all about making choices,
The choice one makes will either make or mere such individual.
Many have make good/profitable decisions, and are living a blissful life,
Others make bad/wrong decisions that have destroy what they live for.
What kind to decisions do you make?
Go or bad, we still get affected one way or the other.
Think before you choose good or evil.
Stay blessed.

You can't miss heaven and hell at the same time, You heart will always hold on to one. Why not make the right choice, and be righteous? Take a look at Zacchaeus, He once lived a life like yours, Until he took the right decision, The decision to meet Jesus. There, his life changed.

```Don't get it twisted, It's a matter of choice, Like I said earlier. The right choice mustn't be positive at all time. Negativity could be the best choice on other to get it right. You don't have to do good at all time to be right.```

Check out Judas Iscariot, Or should I say Judas is carrot, If he were a "B*!ch, I'll call him an harlot. (forgive my choice of words) He must have fantasized of possessing a chariot, So he collected thirty pieces of silver, Sold the Messiah, and decided to retire, Thinking he would be lifted higher, Rather he went deep down into the lake of Hell Fire.

Your choice(s) will either make or mere you. Good or bad take your time, Make the right and profitable decision. Mind you, Time waits for no man, Whatever you hero do, Do it with these words sounding in your heart. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO IN SUCH SITUATION?!

John 3:16- its all about choice Psalm 23- its all about choice Matthew 11:28- its all about choice Romans 12:1- its all about choice Psalm 1:1- its all about choice The Bible- is all about choice.

Make the right choices and that's it to life.

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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