Not Accepting Defeat in 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



Mr.I is gone and the city of Detroit is in a hurt

But baseball fans will just rub their hands in the dirt


The Detroit Tigers of 17’ are on the prowl

It’s gonna be an exciting spring when they start their growl


With J.V. rearing back and throwing his heat

The other team has no choice but to face defeat


Brad is running his Tigers team from the dugout

He’s hoping to see his players get their winter funk out


Iggy has hands that are so soft that they wouldn’t breaks eggs

But the team has hopes that they will be winning from his legs


With the young Danial Norris living in his van

I really don’t care…he’s great and I’m still such a fan


I see the future in a rookie named Jacoby making catches over his head

He makes the players on the other team wish they were still in bed


Avila and McCann are running things behind the plate

The pitchers on the staff love being their battery mate


Zimm and Boyd will have hitters buckle their knees

That curve ball they throw just makes them hitters freeze


Fulmer is the youngster on the team who won Rookie of the Year

But his beard is so thick he looks old when he looks in the mirror


The bullpen has Wilson, Wilson, and Greene in the middle

They’re going to toast opposing hitters like they are on griddle


In the 9th they have K-Rod to shut things down

His changeup makes the best hitters look like a clown


They have Ian and Nick who cover the bases

It causes the other teams to have fear on their faces


According to my wife JD Martinez is hot and her favorite

But I assume most women who watch favor it


J-Up is catching balls that should be homers in left

He’s sure to make everyone think there was a theft


Baseball has such a tremendous effect on a city

That’s not from me, That quotes From Mike Illitch and its witty


The players hope to change World Series history

And bring Detroit a World Series victory


This team will pound opponents like a piece of meat

Because Tiger teams are proud, Not Accepting Defeat

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