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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



All I do is wallow in my own pity?
Pretty silly, since you don't know what's goes on with the committee
that governs this city, a hell I sleep in, this underworld simply
Isn't only figuretive speaking since living is a tragedy I find too many casualties easy
Casually, it's all in the mind, the dead that I find, screaming at me
Citizen are these thoughts, my inner demons manifested now things are getting tricky
What I truly wanted was you to love me dearly and I say this sincerely
3 songs I wrote about you and me, wanted to do this art piece lyrically
But the first to be finished is poetry, the roots you can see
Are planted firmly, I cut myself open, bleed these emotions and notions
Through the change of motions, weather inclinations, waves were added to our ocean
I stay stranded on an islands, isolated and feeling damaged from the actions
The words with no true meaning that seemed so deceiving and now my confidence lacking
Devotion to the old conviction of escaping in drinking potions, annotation
Self destructive is the motive for drowning when the prescription is herbal potent
When I look back to how we started, replay memories and our old habits
The present attacks, wiping some of those loving acts off the map
I just can't stand it, letting my demons torment me til i was manic
Tried to panic but my pulse stopped, all i could do was be apathetic
Thanks to your resolve of no response it caused some harm
Rang an alarm that you dont love me and im a fool for still loving you
So now I dwell in the pain, hard to keep myself sane to maintain
I refrain from the names, only hearing them make me feel so ashamed
And I am to blame, for trespassing to a lane I can't gain
Entry to, obtain any riches in love so optimism is slain
Its etched in this frame, engraved in this brain certain roads are just grave

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