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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



In the the beginning, how could i say...sweet summer days...
but just like the change of the seasons, you changed for no reason
Started acting as if I had did something wrong or committed treason
Did things for your appeasion, even if it was my breath that it was seizing
Annotion; I rushed to fast...gotta slow down so you can see it
Ask so many questions so I could figure out who was the being
that was getting close enough to be a companion but i felt too much passion
Deluded myself to one of your single acts to believe you had so much compassion
A fashion that's hard to find but you wore it so well that i started to fall in time
Inclined, dreaming of a future with you by my side, soon i got swept by a tide
Wasn't sure what it could be because it fell supernaturally, like you near me
Or touching my neck but look to the side and you aren't there absurd im aware
But it felt like fate or destiny to have you pair with me a feeling i recall
With a past teacher, I swear I didn't want you to be her just saw a few comparisons
This I won't hide, dare should i say, you're a brain teaser, what was to befall
I let you steer, afraid to crash again so i was a passenger and tried to stay near
First month was great but after that...that's where fear becomes clear
Where the feeling of having your heart pierced by a spear, appears
Ensnared in insecurities, now feelings are telling me to beware
Another month just pass by and now it feels like we're just ending there
Mentally impaired, misery is sounding so befriending
Why am I empty, if not then depressed, despair installed, what's her intentions?
How could we drift apart, at times it felt like your feelings were pending.
You had most of my attention but thoughts had me in different sessions
Wondering what was going on, and how long before I would be taught another lesson
A month later and i got swept into class, kept inside of detention talkin to depression
Always thought, what happened to affection? What's with all of this neglection?
Was I just a rebound and now on the bench resting? Plagued by so many different questions
There couldn't be a happily ever after, i'm only a disaster, a nobody that's never mattered
Let this essence go, let it drift off and scatters,
like an ember that died out and by the air it was captured
You take my breathe from me, and this heart...these organs just splatter
Spilling out this vessel, I love you so much, feels like an end to a chapter.
So many things have changed like answers made me wonder if you were an actor.
As in if this was a facade, from all the nonresponses in situations i still cant fathom
From all the info that i gathered, and research through all the data
Love couldn't be seen only hypocricy, lust, the negativity can be louder
But i cant forget about the good times, happy moments of bliss now shattered.....

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