Much Wilder

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Trying to be someone you are not rarely works out!

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



Much Wilder


The first time I set eyes on you I knew I had to make you mine,

but you – you are so popular, but so what, that’s just fine.


The problem is I’m kinda shy, quiet and unobtrusive --

you seem to hang out with the girls more verbally abusive;


ones that are way more blatant at showing what they like the best

the rest.


How am I gonna make you mine when you like things so much wilder?

I look at the one you're laughing with – I’ll make myself more like her.


My wardrobe doesn’t fit the bill, but with some scissors I’ll get chopping

shorts and skirts not much more than belts; tops I will be cropping.


I’ll go down to the drug store, look for make-up brightly shaded,

and buy some garish hair dye in a color that’s not faded.


The party that is on tonight, you’ll really gonna get to see

the creation that I’ve made – the new much wilder me.


I don’t recognize myself at all, it’s weird and kind of sad

that the only way you’ll look at me is if I start acting bad.


But that’s okay, you’re worth it, I tell my normal self;

I’ll be rough and ready, leave inhibitions on the shelf.


When I go through those party doors a quietened hush descends,

I don’t care what they all think, they’ve never been my friends.


Someone hands me something that I’m then supposed to smoke

and don’t they think it’s funny when on it I start to choke.


There’s only one way I can see for me to pull this off tonight,

I’m gonna drink and drink until my mind is out of sight.


I see you in the corner, I catch your eye, you smile,

that other girl that’s with you – you’re sure to ditch her in a while.


And while I am still waiting I’ll just get something more to drink,

the room is spinning rapidly, so fast that I can’t think.


The floor is tilting sideways and the walls move in and out,

someone whispers in my ear – it sounds more like a shout.


There are hands upon me and I struggle to get free --

how come you are still sitting there, not giving help to me.


All of you are laughing now, you’re pointing at the joke!

Why hadn’t I just realized I never had a hope?


You like your girls much wilder and that’s just something I can’t be

so maybe when I sober up I’ll see you’re not the guy for me.

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