I'm Worried

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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



They wanna murder me I'm worried

Losing my mind

Looking at the time

 Cause everybodys keeps dying

Feeling alone with no help

Should i say a prayer

Heart cold and slowly melting

Just like a glacier

Feelings keep piling up

Its just too many layers 

They wanna murder me I'm worried

No need to lie

I pray to God i dont scream

When its time to die

Look at my brothers kill each other

Aint that a bitch

Watched my girl cheat on me

Aint that a witch

I drank a gallon of heinekins

I dont think its helpin

I see my frienemies they creepin

Domt make me mad

No where to run in my time of terror

And no one cares

Taking too long just answer the phone

Lord are you there

I'm seeing visions of me dead

Man this aint fair

Is there a future for a hustler

I changed my ways

Still that dont promise me the next day

So i stay living with a passion

Forever lastin

Im feeling all these jabs on my path

They wonder if I'm hell bound

Well hell cant be worse than this

Cause I'm in hell now

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