Squirrelheart's Prophecy

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Ferncloud didn't only die from the pain from the attack of the Dark Forest, but from her three kits, and she died from pain and blood trickling out. after that day, Lionblaze starts sneezing, and dies from sickness, naming a prophecy.

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



Squirrelkit meowed hungrilly in pain. she had never eaten anything because her mother Ferncloud died. She had lways drooled when the topic was about milk, and always treasured it, as if it was a offer becoming leader. Her brother, Applekit, meowed, "Be patient, Squirrelkit. We'll soon get a taste of fresh kill, and it will be the best we ever have eaten." He meowed. Her little brother snorted, "As if, Applekit. I, Darkkit of ThunderClan announces that Applekit may be older, but he's just a bunch of baloney." He teased. "Don't say that. Anyway, our apprentice ceremony is right now, so let's join Bramblestar on the Highrock." She meowed. Both toms glared and argued to each other.

"Cats of ThunderClan," He began, "May all of you old enough to catch their own prey come for a Clan Meeting." He finished. All cats gathered. "Today, 6 moon kits from the nursery here are ready to become warriors." He meowed. Squirrelkit snorted. "Warrior!" She interuppted. "That's normal!" She meowed. Bramblestar blinked, then said, "Then maybe you'll be deputy." He said. "Deputy!" She cried. "Such mousebrains! I don't want to be deputy! What's the point? I want to be Leader!" She meowed louder when she said "Leader." Bramblestar sighed. "Squirrelkit, Applekit, and Darkkit, do you wish to be apprentice and try your hardest?" Which a second after, all three of them them screamed, "I do!" Several cats tripped.

"Then by the name of StarClan, I give your names, Applepaw, Squirrelpaw, and Darkpaw. Squirrelpaw, you mentor will be Lionblaze. Applepaw, you mentor will be Cloudtail. Darkpaw, your mentor will be Cinderheart. Dismissed." He announced. Lionblaze immediatly charged on the Highrock and said, "Today, we are learning how to hunt." He said, Squirrelpaw followed Lionblaze past the forest, introducing everywhere, and scents. "Do you know how to do the Hunting Crouch?" He asked. She nodded. "Good. Now, try to get something." He meowed hopefully. She crouched down, then saw a squirrel in the bushes. She dashed to the squirrel, as the squirrel screeched loudly, and dashed up a tree, but Squirrelpaw was faster. She clenched the squirrel tightly in her paw, then bit it with fury. The squirrel was dead after.

Squirrelpaw held the squirrel in her jaws and showed it proudly to Lionblaze. "Great job! I didn't even see that squirrel. One day, you might be as good as Firestar!" He meowed happily, then broke off into several coughs. "You okay?" She asked, weirdly from the squirrel. He smiled then croaked, "Yes, I am. Let's go back." When they went back, he was wheezing and coughing each step. What if Lionblaze is going to die from this fever? i won't let that happen! but the only way not to is... In the camp, she eyed the medicine cat den. Is it truly worth it?

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