The Forgotten...

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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



“The Forgotten…”

By: Christopher Ramirez


It was an extremely dark place, where only a lightbulb that was up on the roof give light to the area. The light made things blurry and shady as he started to cough and look around to see if there was an escape from that horrible place. Slowly he tried to move but a force didn’t let him go anywhere. He was extremely scared the only thing he could do was to scream: “Help Me!”


As long he remembers it was regular and rainy day and he went to hang with my friends to the arcades and then watch a movie. Dean was his name. A not to tall guy, with green eyes and a great personality. His group went to spend a nice day on the arcades until Dean received a text from his friend Juliette which said: “I can’t go to the arcades, have fun.” This was strange, Juliette was one of those friends who will go to a place no matter what. Dean went to tell his friends as Michael ignored since he was speaking on the phone just Randy and Becky heard him and got concerned. Becky, who was Juliette best friend, called her but nothing. “Juliette is acting extremely weird, she always picks the phone when I call her, but let’s go have fun maybe she have a family problem,” Becky said while Dean was very confused. Dean went to play in the arcades with his friends, but he couldn’t forget of Juliette maybe she was a big problem. Michael who was one of his friends looks at Dean before asking him what was going on. Dean explained Juliette situation and even though he was one of the first who ignored Dean, he seemed worried. Minutes passed as Becky shout to their friends to go to where he was since he had received a video message from Juliette. Once they saw the video, they couldn’t believe what happened. “Some bastards killed Juliette,” Michael said with a groan escaping his lips. Becky and Randy were speechless while they cried. Dean holds Becky’s phone and saw other text from Juliette which said: “YOU ARE NEXT”.


The day after the murder of Juliette things changed a lot. Dean and Michael didn’t hear of Randy and Becky for days but they were okay since they always responded to the message the guys send. Until one day… Becky texted Dean if he could get her some food. Dean approved and went off to be the delivery guy. Outside was strange, it was a very dark night, not even stars were visible and streets were empty. After Dean picked the food for Becky he drove to her house. Yet no cars were on the road that night something extremely strange. When he arrive at Becky’s place he went outside of the car as a cold gust of wind hit his body. Dean holds the food after shaking a bit of the cold the breeze gave him. He went to the door and there was a note written on which said: “DON’T ENTER” with a smiley face. After Dean saw this he started to call Becky but she didn’t answer the phone. He called three times and nothing. Dean decided to enter since he knew there was something wrong. The house was filled with a bad vibe he could feel it. Once he reaches to her bedroom he opened the door and he couldn’t believe his eyes. The body of Becky was strangled. Scared he drops the food on the floor and run away from Becky’s place and got in his car. He called Michael and Randy on a conference call as he said: “Guys… I guess the same killer that killed Juliette might kill Becky…” The voice of Michael could be heard in the background as he was cursing the serial killer.


Dean went to his place safe and began to think of how or why this is happening since he knew it wasn’t a bad dream. He went to the shower and took a shower. While it he remembers the times he spends with both Juliette and Becky but not all memories were nice, there was one that made him realize why all this was happening. He remembered that Juliette invited all of them to her place for a slumber party the last weekend. When all the friends were reunited she took out an Ouija board and she told that it would be great to play. Dean said no at first and everyone starts to make fun out of him. Don’t want for them to continue messing around with him, he decided to play. During the game, strange things happened. Dean felt how a cold breeze hit his body as he decided not to play anymore. He took his phone and tell his friends that her mom wanted to need some help to put to sleep his young sister, it was a lie but it worked. Dean finished his shower and the unimaginable happened, the power went out on his house. He was all alone and look around for his phone. Dean was completely freaked out since outside everything was with light only his house was the only with the power out. Once he picked the phone he turns the flashlight on as he heard a voice who spoke to him: “Dean… YOU ARE NEXT.” There was no one in the bathroom something that causes this situation scarier. He tried to call Michael but he didn’t pick the phone. Desperately he called Randy but the phone was out of service. “I’m doomed now” Dean shout as he quickly runs out of the bathroom and went to his bedroom. It was strange but his room seems to have some electricity since the lightbulb on the top of the roof was on but the light it gave made the room be a blurry and shady place. He got dressed and decided to go out but the door close by itself. After that happened the flashlight of his phone went off alongside the light of his room. A scream could be heard as Dean felt on the floor and got hit by something. It was such a dark place now but after he got hit the lightbulb turn on once again. The light made things blurry and shady as he started to cough and look around to see if there was an escape from his room. Slowly he tried to move but a force didn’t let him go anywhere. He was extremely scared the only thing he could do was to scream: “Help Me!”


Minutes passed as nothing happened. Dean was unable to move as he received a voice message from Randy. He heard it as a strange voice took over the phone which said: “You were smart Dean… All your friends are dead now but you… you are safe for not finishing that game…” After the voice he heard a scream and a hit, it seems like an aluminum bat since it was then thrown on the floor and the sound of it made it obvious to be that object. Dean got up as he could now move, slowly making his way out of his room. He would turn on the flashlight of his phone, but then the power was restored as seconds after his phone ran out of battery. Dean crashed on the floor as he started to cry not wanting to remember this horrible week. He continues to cry as he felt someone looking at him. He looks up and it was him, the serial killer. The killer smiled and spoke: It was a lie Dean, this doesn’t only mean you are next… It also means you are last!” The killer spoke as he hit Dean with aluminum bat three times on his chest and then on his head once. Dean’s blood run down the stairs as the spirit killer had done his job and got his full redemption after what it had been done in the game…



The End...

© Copyright 2018 Christopher Ramirez. All rights reserved.

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