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Short Term Memory Loss, a lesson on the subject. --- A minor amount of this information was taken from the Book, "Let's Be Less Stupid" by Patricia Marx, COPYRIGHT 2015 by Patricia Marx.

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



According to studies, external factors may affect Short Term Memory.

(A) There is something to the fact that other people's faces are distracting and if you are trying to recollect something it might come to you more easily if you stare at a wall, or out into space.

(B) Scientists at a state University found that the words of a male with a low-pitched voice were remembered more easily. Thus, this may explain why Darth-Vader is quoted more often than Luke Skywalker.

(C) A psychology professor of a well known Italian University says that moving your arms around a lot during times when you are talking may allow you to retain facts longer, but may not increase the listener's comprehension.

(D) Passing through a threshold, like a doorway, may give indications to the brain that it should dump inessential information to make room for new information. This may explain why you might forget what you were going into another room to get.

(E) There is some evidence that leads researchers to believe that Font changes may contribute to the reader's ability to retain that information better, or longer; maybe because they had such a hard time reading it.

(F) Short Term memory retention may be hampered by old age, those 60 and above. This, if true, may be because many of them are retired and have the time to remember that they have forgotten something.

However, because I started giving this lesson while, (A), looking at a group of listener's faces, and (B), I proof-read this prepared speech to myself in my usual monotone voice, together with the fact that, (C),  I was trained by professionals to hold my arms and hands in set positions while giving speeches and to never move them around, then there is (D), that when I arrived here I came through three doorways before I came to this stage; and (E), my word prompts are all standard fonts. --- Finally, (F), I am 70 years old.

So, of course, I have forgotten the Point to this speech.



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